Nhat Le Beach

Attraction Bao Ninh, Đong Hoi, Quang Bình Province, Vietnam Published on: 17-03-2017

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Nhật Lệ Beach is a beach in Đồng Hới city, the capital of Quảng Bình Province, home to World Heritage Site Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park. The sand here is fine and white with clean water.

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Why Nhat Le Beach is special ?

Nhat Le Beach is also famous for a great deal of beautiful cultural activities and historical sight-seeings. It has inspired for composers, authors to make many songs, poems, pictures and so forth in a long time. In Vietnames, Nhat Le means beauty and sadness with several explaining ways. Many people think that the main reason related to the death of a Campa Princess (My E) or the sad story about Princess Huyen Tran (Vietnam) married with Champa King Jaya Sinhavaman III.

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What to explore at Nhat Le Beach?

Nhat Le beach stretches a sandy color with fresh winds which create symphony. While Nhat Le beach sunrise bring a feeling of vitality and enthusiasm, the sunset appeares as a beautiful woman. Ho Thien Nhat Le Du described Nhat Le: “Nhất chi lệ bất vô chi chúc giả” (Means: Nhat Le has the shining beauty). Especially, the May-August period is the the most beautiful of Nhat La Beach.

If you love Truyen Kieu by Nguyen Du, you will know that author describes the life and fate of a beautiful woman in Ngung Bich prostitution. The Sad beauty of Nhat Le Beach inspired Nguyen Du thought about Thuy Kieu’s fate. Nhat Le is not only a unique tourist paradise but also an ideal destination. When you come to Nhat Le, you will not wants to leave …

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Bao Ninh, Đong Hoi, Quang Bình Province, Vietnam

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