Nguyen Thai Hoc Tomb relic

Attraction Yen Hoa Park, Yen Bai, Viet Nam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Nguyen Thai Hoc Tomb relic is a historical spot in Yen Bai, which call people's memory back about the history of one of the most well-known heros in Viet Nam.

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Why Nguyen Thai Hoc Tomb relic is special ?

Tomb monuments Nguyen Thai Hoc and soldiers in Yen Bai uprising in 1930 (referred to as relics Nguyen Thai Hoc), located on the campus of Yen Hoa Park (30 hectares wide) side boulevard named patriot Nguyen Thai Hoc, Nguyen Thai Hoc ward, Yen Bai city. At this location you can go to ruins by various types of transport: road, rail and waterway. Appreciate the historic magnitude of cultural relics Department has recognized this is historic national level by decision No. 177 VH / Decision, dated 03.05.1990.

Originally tomb is the end area of the town cemetery, a wilderness of total Lam, Bach, Minister Tran Yen, Yen Bai province. After the 1954 local government concentrated the population remains of soldiers who died in the war against the French in this area to build Castle, gravestones. With appreciation for the spirit of sacrificing themselves for the struggle of the country that officers on duty at the same time preserving and honoring the spirit of struggle and sacrifice of Nguyen Thai Hoc and his comrades, right on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Yen Bai uprising State have recognized this decision is the historic national level.

Since then, with the support of Ministry of Culture and Information, the relic has been gradually repaired, embellished in memory of the heroes that artist. Relic has been embellished many times, including three main waves: Phase I (1991): Clearance, moving 16 times against the French martyr's grave. San, creating small street in ruins, building two tombs. Phase II (1995-1996): San gotten create space relics, reinforced concrete internal roads. Phase III (2001-2002): Expanding the ruins, dredging, construct roads around Swimming Pools, building systems around the tomb column, creating bonsai campus and especially monumental building complexes target 5 characters Speaking of movement. So far, the relic was formed and spacious with a total area: 10.391m2 with the tomb, monument parks, monuments and buildings pick Landscaped campus.

All colors are bold history - documents that hoa.Trong has two main parts: The part of the tomb and monument: Grave: there are 70m2. This section is designed with appearance architecture is both modern and traditional colors. In the middle of the tomb has two collective tombs, built rectangular cylinder mounted on 4 square, black marble, about 1m high. Two tombs distance up to 7m. Parallel to the tomb to the right is a facet blocks (this is a simulation model of the guillotine blade of French colonialism), and black marble, gold inscription on the record either verse by Nguyen Thai guillotine before reading "death for death glorious fatherland".

Surrounding the tomb are 17 large pillars, circular, symbolizing 5m hero means 17 officers sentenced to the guillotine. 17 columns are connected by a circle with. On the circle is immortal words, has become ideology throughout the period of operation of this VNQDD "also failed the people." In this tomb there is a yellow sheet of Fame 17 heroes were resting at this place. Part monuments: an area 56m2. Sculpture group consists of 5 historical figures, the character height is 6m, standing on a stylized cloud history. Surrounding foot monument is nearly 3m high reliefs group. Sculpture group depicts the struggle for independence and freedom of the artist in the sense that the revolution these days.


What to explore at Nguyen Thai Hoc Tomb relic?

On the way across the river in the river is still stuff you can do, the enemy picked up instruments. Even on the first night in jail Hung Hoa, head banging stuff was on the floor and sacrifice cells, expressing the will to death, lifelong dedication to the cause of the people against the French.

The only female character of a sculpture group is Nguyen Thi Giang, one of the few female members of VNQDD Party. She is both a powerful comrade is both faithful wife of Dr. Nguyen Thai Hoc Street Journal. After witnessing glorious sacrifice minutes of the inn her husband wrote two suicide note left for his parents and comrades. Before she left the Yen Bai cemetery grave Nguyen Thai Hoc and brothers have died for the Fatherland. Then she on board the Turkish village of Tang, visit her husband's family secrets and the highway agency withdrew a pistol that Nguyen Thai Hoc gave her at the Hung Temple suicide fulfilled virginity to her husband. Between two and the grave monument is a large stela stylized. On the sides are engraved golden beer "Yen Bai, this is reminding us that it is impossible to silence a nation where people are not subjugated by the sword of the executioner" (Louis Aragon).


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  • For history lovers
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  • Nguyen Thai Hoc - A Hero of Viet Nam
  • A huge monument
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