Ngo Si Lien Market

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Ngo Si Lien is a local wet market in Hanoi. This area is known for good restaurants offering cheap but delicious food.

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Why Ngo Si Lien Market is special ?

Ngo Si Lien market is located in the area of Dong Da, Hanoi. Like many other markets, Ngo Si Lien is place providing goods, daily necessities to the people around. Coming to this market, you can find everything you need from food, clothing, fruit, flowers .... However, Ngo Si Lien is famous for "bun chui" store (chui means "insult") - in these restaurants if customers are not shouted or sworn at, then they are already having a good time. This store was originally located in a corner of the market, after the expansion of business, the shop has moved to a new location in front of the market. But, the title "bun chui" is associated with this market. If given the opportunity to Ngo Si Lien market, do not forget to visit it this noodle shop.

What to explore at Ngo Si Lien Market?

Ngo Si Lien is interesting cuisine market in Ba Dinh district. In the early morning, the sound of beef vermicelli shops, “bun thang” shops, vermicelli and grilled chopped shops lively emerges. And the afternoon, there are “banh gio”, “quay”, “banh troi tau” and many other attractive nosh and its price is reasonable.


How to get to Ngo Si Lien Market?

Ngo Si Lien market is located next to Hanoi Train Station and a short walk from Temple of Literature. You can take a taxi to get there.

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14 Nguyễn Như Đỗ, Văn Miếu, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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