Nghia Lo Town

Attraction Nghĩa Lộ town, Yên Bái, Việt Nam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Nghia Lo Town is located in the second biggest valley in area after Muong Thanh (in Dien Bien) of the North West.

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Why Nghia Lo Town is special ?

Nghia Lo, with a population of 30,000, is tucked away in a big, flat valley called Muong Lo and offers a lot of experiences to tourists. It is second only to the Muong Thanh valley of Dien Bien Province in terms of size and is surrounded by unlimited chains of mountains.

Nghia Lo is just over 200km from Ha Noi but after half-way, the coach winds through passes which zigzag through endless ranges of mountains. With comfortable seats, most coaches look rather new and give you sense of safety. So, the journey begins.

Nghia Lo boasts many revolutionary relics, beautiful sceneries, and the calm life which imprint deeply Thai Ethnic Group's culture. Ban Bon and Ban Hoc Hot Mineral water are situated in this place.


What to explore at Nghia Lo Town?

After passing through populous and urbanised towns in the lowland areas, the coach goes through the mountain passes that are up to 1000m above the sea level. Breathtaking views can be seen here.

Sometimes you see the mountain slopes, sometimes the valleys far below, with scattered houses-on-stilts of ethnic minorities. At another section, tea gardens and small streams come into view, an infinite green of trees, bushes and fresh air.

After nearly three hours of feasting your eyes on gorgeous views of a spellbinding nature, you arrive in a huge valley. Nghia Lo Town soon draws your attention, with views of farmers working in paddy fields and vendors on the sidewalk of the road leading to the town.

Being the second largest town in Yen Bai, Nghia Lo's centre quarter is as bustling and vibrant as any other town in the Red River Delta, northern Viet Nam's economic hub, if not more colourful. It is home to various ethnic minorities and was once the biggest trading centre of the northwestern region.


How to get to Nghia Lo Town?

Reaching the town is itself an exciting experience for anyone who has never set foot in mountainous regions. Whether you take the five-hour coach from Ha Noi or catch a train from Ha Noi to Yen Bai City, the province's capital, and then take a three-hour coach ride, you will experience one of the most unforgettable journeys of your life.


Selling points

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  • A peaceful town
  • For an escape from city
  • A tranquil place
  • One of the most beautiful cities in Viet Nam
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Nghĩa Lộ town, Yên Bái, Việt Nam

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