Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery

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Nga Phe Kyaung was built on stilts on Inle Lake. The monastery is famous for its cats that were trained by the monks to jump through small hoops.

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Why Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery is special ?

Nga Phe Kyaung, a wooden monastery built on stilts over the lake four years before the construction of Mandalay Palace. It's known as the Jumping Cat Monastery because the monks there have trained a few cats to leap through small hoops. But a better reason to visit is to see the modest collection of Buddha images in Shan, Tibetan, Bagan and Inwa styles. Just as impressive as the Buddhas themselves are the tall, highly ornate, wood-and-mosaic pedestals and cases built for the images. Such pedestals are the specialties of Shan and Northern Thai Buddhist art and those at the monastery are over 100 years old.


What to explore at Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery?

At Nga Phe Kyaung the monks apparently taught the cats to jump through hoops some years back, and it has been a tourist destination ever since. The monastery is very famous for its cats jump through small hoops like in a circus. Visiting the monastery by boat tour, you will see the cat show, held many times a day. What is far more appealing about this 19th-century monastery on stilts is their collection of Buddha statues and pagodas from different parts of Myanmar and Tibet, set on wooden and mosaic pedestals that are hundreds of years old. Outside the monastery, you can sit and enjoy an amazing view to the tomato farm with mountains at the background.


How to get to Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery?

The best way to visit Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery is by boat. There are many tourist agents at Inle Lake offers boat tour which includes this monastery. For those who don't want to join a tour, you can hire private boat with driver at your hotel.

Selling points

  • Monastery with display of thrones but no cats
  • A Storehouse of Buddhas
  • Quite nice and a stop on most boat tours
  • Interesting, beautiful Buddhas
  • Great wooden monastery
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Tips for you

  • The cats are no longer trained to jump as they are getting exhausted by the throngs of tourists who come to gawk at them.
    What to know
  • There's some lovely mosaics inside, also you get a great view of the floating vegetable gardens from the end of the walkway.
    What to see
  • There is a mass of tourist souvenir stalls off to one side where you buy something to bring home.
    Things nearby
  • The area is incredibly busy with large tour groups and your boat will struggle to find a place to moor.
  • This monastery is a pretty structure. It's difficult to make sense of it unless you have a guide.
    Things to do
  • Many of the longtail boat drivers prefer not to stop here and will take you elsewhere; so make sure you ask them to stop here and enjoy it for what it is meant to be.
    Things to do


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The monastery is very different from the others in Myanmar, built with wood and floating on the lake. As monks are a bit more isolated they have organized their lives somehow differently and are much more independent. Loads of visitors get there, include locals, but yet the monastery remains somehow peaceful, with some monks praying and cats taking a nap on the carpet nearby. Cats are no longer enticed to jump, which is great.

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