Naxi Ancient Music Concert

Attraction Naxi Ancient music hall, Sifang Steet, Gucheng District, Lijiang 674100, China Published on: 22-09-2016

1 hour
08:00 PM - 09:30 PM
08:00 PM
09:00 PM
First-time visit
17.69 USD

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Dayan Naxi Ancient Music Concert performs the Naxi Ancient music which is a combination of Naxi minority ethnic group and Han minority ethnic group.

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How to get to Naxi Ancient Music Concert?

Walk along the East Street (东大街, Dong Da Jie) to Dayan Ancient Music Association (大研古乐会, Dayan Guyue Hui).



Naxi Ancient music hall, Sifang Steet, Gucheng District, Lijiang 674100, China

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Tips for you

  • It can be a bit touristy It's difficult stuff for Western ears
  • Visitors can buy tickets to appreciate Naxi Ancient Music Show at Dayan Ancient Music Association located on the East Street of Lijiang Old Town
  • Entrance fee: CNY 160 for ticket A (seats on 1st to 14th rows). CNY 140 for ticket B (seats on 15th to 20th rows). CNY 120 for ticket C (seats on two sides and near stairs).
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This is my 2nd visit, a decade apart before there was "Impression Lijiang". That was a full house then and tonight it's less than 30% full. The music is as good, well reserved materials since Tang and Song Dynasty. Mr Xuan, leader of the band since he got out of 20+ years from the labor camp of the cultural revolution in 1978, dedicates his life to a 1,000+ years of living traditions which are very few left elsewhere in China, together with a group of faithful musicians as old as 80+. Do recommend this authentic cultural performance performed by the sincere Naxi tribe over a modern Chinese manifesto and its artificial interpretation of Naxi, 'Impression Lijiang'. Besides, 'Impression Lijiang' might just gave an incorrect profile of Naxi and Pai tribes - they are peasants, but they are also well self-educated from the family traditions; typical Naxi people have one gift or two in e.g., handwriting, instrument performance, drawing, ... which are not common to be found with average Chinese peasants.

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The owner of the guest house I stayed at suggested this show and I was happy to go to the show. It has many musical instruments that are local so the sounds are new to the ear. They explain the show before it starts this is in English and Chinese. I bought a music CD and yes when I came home it played in my player.

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