National Chiayi University (NCYU) Insect Museum

Attraction No. 300, Xuefu Rd, East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan 600 Published on: 13-11-2015

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National Chiayi University (NCYU) Insect Museum is the largest-scale museums of insects in Taiwan, featuring a vivid display of insect specimens at home and abroad and exhibition venues

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Why National Chiayi University (NCYU) Insect Museum is special ?

  The NCYU Insect Museum is open on a year-round basis and even during the Chinese New Year. Fans of insects and natural ecology are welcome to visit the museum, which is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. During the Chinese New Year. All visitors may enjoy an amazing “trip to the insect world” through a series of activities such as regular free guided tours and film appreciation.

  NCYU Insect Museum is the largest insect museum in Taiwan, featuring a gigantic hemispherical Butterfly Greenhouse Garden, where nearly a thousand living butterflies were rehabilitated, and visitors can enjoy the beauty of butterflies dancing around you in the amidst of a wide array of plants and flowers. It also boasts specific themed areas, including Taiwan's Protected Insect Models Area, Taiwan's Insect Specimens Area, Living Aquatic Insects Area, World's Rarest Insect Specimens Area, Living Insects and Insect Touching Area, Insect Resources Industry Area, and the must-visit Parent-child DIY Experience Area. Exclusively during the Chinese New Year, all visitors may enjoy closer contact with large reptiles and take pictures with them.



What to explore at National Chiayi University (NCYU) Insect Museum?

 Lin Hsing-Yu, a member of the museum staff, indicated that the Insect Museum features a petting area, visitors will be given a chance to caress beetle larvae, and Madagascar cockroaches. The Madagascar cockroaches, one of the largest cockroaches in the world, can be found in the forest in Africa. They are characterized by their interesting behaviors of compressing air out of their abdomen to create a hissing sound to scare off enemies or attract a mate. Moreover, they are gentle and not poisonous, and cannot fly, which make them easy for children to get closer observation. In recent years, they have become one of the most important pet insects for children, which is helpful for them to know more about insect ecology and nature.

  NCYU Insect Museum is your best destination during the Chinese New Year. You will not only have a chance to broaden your knowledge of insects but take pictures with the beautiful butterflies and handsome beetles. You may also feast your eyes on the large collections of insect specimens and true-to-life gigantic insect models.


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No. 300, Xuefu Rd, East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan 600

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Tips for you

  • NCYU Insect Museum is your best destination during the Chinese New Year.
  • It is not only a way to educate your child in an enjoyable way, but also a great way to create memories and build relationship with your child.
  • For further details on the special discount offers, please contact NCYU Insect Museum at 05-2717555, or check the website at

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