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Attraction Jl. Mayor Wisnu No.1, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 16-03-2016

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Museum Bali is a museum of art and history located in Denpasar. It saves the Balinese culture heritage, emerge the founding plan a museum which afterward becomes the Bali Museum.

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Why Museum Bali is special ?

The Museum Bali was built in 1931 by architect P.J. Moojen, near the location of the former royal palace of Denpasar, which had been burnt to the ground during the Dutch intervention in Bali (1906), and used it as a model for its outside walls and courtyards.

Museum Bali is strategically located in Major Wisnu Street in Denpasar Bali and it is find it due to the location is in the heart town. In the north side there are glorious temple of Jagatnatha, meanwhile in front of it the Puputan Badung (Badung Courtyard) and four face statue (Catur Muka Statue) are located. The development of Museum Bali is begun by the existence of initiative how to vitally the heritage of Balinese culture and taking care of, preserve and maintaining. The initiative is based on the existence of feeling to worry, that there is symptom a kind of culture erosion, so that the cultural heritage become totally disappeared, lose, what omit only photograph and documentations.


What to explore at Museum Bali?

The Bali Provincial Public Museum, or simply referred to as the Museum Bali, is the oldest on the island with up to 10,506 exhibits. There are four main buildings housing historical artefacts and other cultural items:

The main building houses prehistoric items found on the island, such as bronze weapons and ancient coffins. This building also houses every day artefacts from all ages of the island, from prehistoric times to present day.

The northern pavilion delves into the world of myth and legend. Traditional Balinese dancing costumes and masks are on display, painting a picture of the spiritual history of the Balinese people.

The central pavilion concentrates on the religious aspects of Bali’s history. There are many religious items such as calendars, objects used in traditional ceremonies and art pieces. A nice feature of this building is its balcony, recreated in the style of a traditional royal façade.

The southern pavilion is a large building dedicated to the display of traditional materials and woven pieces. Methods of gold and silver use in pieces of material are also explained.


How to get to Museum Bali?

The Museum Bali is located on the east side of the central square of Denpasar, Taman Puputan. You can visit the place by taxi.

Selling points

  • A museum to visit in Denpasar
  • Beautiful grounds to visit
  • Good place to learn about Balinese history
  • Extremely quiet and calming
  • Small museum for history buff
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Jl. Mayor Wisnu No.1, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • The opening hours of the museum: Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 15:00, Friday: 08:00 – 12:30, Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and other holidays.
  • It's better to ignore 'guides' who offer little except a chance to part with US$5 or US$10.
    Things to do
  • If you don't have a car waiting for you outside then you should get away from the site on foot quickly afterwards and pick up a taxi on one of the nearby streets. Freelance guides and persistent souvenir sellers may hound you.
    Things to do
  • Museum staff members often play music on a bamboo gamelan to magical effect; you should visit in the afternoons when it's uncrowded.


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My wife and scheduled a driver for a morning tour of Denpasar's cultural sights. Three of the most important are right here at one stop in the center of town. The museum is spread out in several buildings, large gates, and bell towers, modeled after the old Royal Palace that was on this site. We followed a guide through the throne room's display of theatrical costumes and the surrounding cases of kris daggers. Another building displayed colorful Balinese handmade processional items. A great distraction were the several wedding parties in traditional dress that were being photographed on the grounds. Just to the N, after making a contribution and obtaining a sash, we walked around the tall white coral State Temple. Across the road to the west was a parkland dominated by the Memorial to the 1906 Dutch Intervention and the massacre which took place here. The 1 hour spent at this location helped us understand the architecture, art, and history of Bali. The volunteer guide was helpful and we tipped him, but it did not meet his expectations.

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