Mufu Palace

Attraction Southwest of the Old Town, Lijiang 674100, China Published on: 15-09-2016

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Mufu Palace or Mu Family Mansion is the palace where the Mu Clan of the Naxi people ruled for over 400 years. This place today is a representative of ancient central China architectural style in Ming Dynasty.

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Why Mufu Palace is special ?

Mufu Palace once stood as a home to Lijiang’s ruling family—a center of politics, power, and culture. According to legend, the powerful leader of the Naxi people wanted a palace as grand as the one in Beijing, therefore, during the heigh of his power, the palace complex covered 16 acres and contained nearly 100 separate buildings, in a style matching Beijing’s Forbidden City. However, after war arrived during the Qing Dynasty, the palace fell into disrepair.

Even the present Mufu Palace is a reconstruction of the original mansion that damaged by wars, this palace still maintain the wisdom and skills of Naxi architects. And inside it, the details show the minority features of Bai and Naxi groups. Besides architecture value, it also can be an outstanding plants museum with ancient trees and extraordinary plants. The garden in a style mixed with imperial one and Suzhou’s style.

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What to explore at Mufu Palace?

Tourists will have the chance to see the place the King once called home, including the living spaces and the office. In the grand main hall, three wooden steles are dedicated to three different Emperors from the Ming Dynasty. Throughout China, steles are common sights—these wooden or stone pillars were erected in honor of remembrance of important people. Intricate carvings and elaborate works of art are on display at the Lijiang palace, which is surrounded by white marble railings. Outside, tourists will find lovely gardens and landscaping that seem to invite to get out and spend time in nature.

Besides, there is a path on the right from the top palace leads to the Lion Hill and Wangu pavilion. From the top of Taoism Palace, visitors can have a look around the whole Lijang.

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How to get to Mufu Palace?

You can take a train from Chengdu to Panzhihua (15h, ~191¥ ($31.1) for a hard sleeper) to arrive in the early morning. At the exit of Panzhihua train station, take one of the bus 64 on the left of the exit and get off at the terminus, which is the bus terminal (3¥ ($0.49), ~1h). Then, you can take a bus to Lijiang, which run every 45 minutes from 7AM to 1PM (from 83¥ to 92¥ ($13.51 to $14.98), ~8h).

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  • Best Historic Attraction in Lijiang
  • Spectacular Traditional Compound
  • The highlight of Lijiang Old Town - Not to be missed!
  • Definitely to be visited in Lijiang



Southwest of the Old Town, Lijiang 674100, China

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Tips for you

  • If you want to get around in Lijiang, taxis are reluctant to use the meter and will demand high fares of ¥30-¥40, though with bargaining ¥15 may be possible. Be aware that taxis are not easy to come by at Lijiang railway station. An alternative is the small SUV-type vans which cruise around offering a share-taxi service.
  • Have photos taken in national costumes in different backgrounds for ¥20/photo ($3.26/photo)
    Things to do
  • You should visit early in the morning because this place is very crowded.
  • It's too slippery in rainy day.
  • Be aware of pickpocket in town.
  • Youya Shiguang Coffee, in a small street opposite from Mufu Palace, serves a wide range of excellent coffee drinks (espresso, iced, cappuccino) made from imported beans. Also serves a range of teas, wines, and desserts (tiramisu, waffles, and ice cream). Open from 10:30AM - 12:00AM.
    Things nearby
  • To get up to the top Lion Hill from Mufu Palace, it takes another ¥50 per person. The entrance fee of Mufu Palace is RMB60, it’s different from the protection fee of the old town.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • A taste of Mulaoye Wine, a kind of local alcohol, is available for ¥5/shot glass ($0.81/shot glass), and there is also a free tea tasting area


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This is definitely worth a visit. There were not hordes of tourists there, as you had to pay an entrance fee, but it made for better photos! The pavilions are on a slope and when you get to the top, there is a stunning vista over the old city. There are lots of different areas of the complex and you could easily spend several hours there wandering around and taking it all in. There are English signs which explain the purpose of each room, so you can get a sense of how the family lived. You can also pay RMB20 to have your photo taken in the national costume, which we did, and was quite fun. The photographer was very professional and put us in several different poses and backgrounds and we were able to choose one photo from the 10 or so that he took. Upon leaving the complex, you also get a free key-ring with a photo of you taken in front of the first pavilion. The only downside was occasionally we would run into a big group of tourists with their tour guide speaking into a microphone, so the noise shattered the otherwise tranquil experience.

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