Mu Cang Chai - Sapa Tour - 4 Days

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What to explore at Mu Cang Chai - Sapa Tour - 4 Days?

D1: Hanoi - Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai - 300km)

07.00 visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Hanoi)

- Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is located on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi. It contains more than 10,000 objects, 15,000 black and white photos and hundreds of video tapes and cassettes which depict all aspects of life, activities, customs, and habits of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology opened at the end of 1997. Since then, it has attracted the attention of visitors as well as ethnographers and researchers from all over the world. The museum has successfully recreated the daily life together with the religious rituals and the symbolic festivals of each ethnic group in Vietnam. You have the opportunity to admire costumes, embroidery as well as outside stilt houses and habitats from the different groups. 09.00 visit Mu Cang Chai - passing Son Tay - Trung ha Bridge - Co Tiet - turning left on Thu Cuc town.

12.00 Have lunch in Thu Cuc Town.

13.00 Travel to Mu Cang Chai. 17.00 Arrive in Mu Cang Chai

- Mu Cang Chai District, located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range is home to many different ethnic minority groups such as the Mong, Dao and Thai. The terrace fields in the communes of La Pan Tan, Cu Che Nha and De Xu Phinh. The popular attraction of Mu Cang Chai lies in its terraced rice fields which are primarily situated in the district's Che Cu Nha, La Pan Tan and De Zu Phinh villages. These imposing fields draw a large number of both Vietnamese and foreign travelers who love to take pictures of and indulge themselves in the amazing beauty of the national heritage site. There in Mu Cang Chai, terraced rice fields rise and fall around hillsides and mountainsides as well as streams and rivers, making them look like giant yellow staircases for people to step from earth to heaven.

18.30 Have dinner and stay at the hotel.

D2: Mu Cang Chai - Sapa town (Lao Cai - 180km)

07.30 Check-out hotel in Mu Cang Chai, travel to Sapa.

12.00 Arrive in Sapa, check-in hotel for lunch and rest. 14.00 visit Ham Rong mountain

- Ham Rong Mountain is an attractive tourist area in the center of Sapa Townlet. Visitors to Ham Rong have chances to climb up the San May (Cloud Yard) to enjoy the panorama of Sapa Townlet. The path leading up to Ham Rong Mountain consists of many stone steps and a winding trail higher up will help to see small streams lazily run through bushy foliages. About mid­way, visitors will find themselves in an orchid -garden with more than 400 species of colorful blooms. Standing on the highest point of Ham Rong Mountain, tourists will have a breathtaking view over the romantic Sapa town.

17.30 Back to hotel. 18.30 Have dinner and stay at the hotel.

D3: Sapa town - Bac Ha town (100km)

07.30 Check-out hotel, go to tourism villages:

Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van - Cau May and Cau May waterfall

- Muong Hoa Valley is just 8km away from Sapa Town but it takes about 5 hours to walk downhill, along the Muong Hoa River, through the terraced fields and passing some hamlets of minority groups such as H'Mong, Ylinh Ho and Lao Chai. Muong Hoa Valley, being part of Mt. Fansipan's varied topography is at the lowest altitude of about 1000 meter. It was formed by a narrow strip of land at the base on east side of the mountain for a length of 30km. It lies between two high ranges of mountains running parallel southeast of Sapa Town. The valley is the home for H'mong, Zao, Zay minority groups, who have been working on the slopping land and living their own ways for hundreds over years.

12.00 have lunch at hotel Ta Van village. 16.00 Pick up tourists at Ta Van parking, to go Bac Ha.18.00: get room at hotel at Bac Ha, have dinner and rest.

D4: Bac Ha town (Lao Cai) - Hanoi (310km)

07.00 visit Bac Ha market

- Bac Ha is the largest fair of Sapa. When going to market, you will see the high mountain, terraced fields. Sometimes, you have to stop the car in order to get the majestic natural beauty and meet each ethnic group laughing who brings goods to market. To go the fair on time, they have to go very early, some people comes here from the previous day to join the fair. Bac Ha market is where all products of the region and the necessary instruments be sold such as: plows, hoes, shovels, etc. The most attractive place for women and tourists is the place of jewelry, skirts, dresses, brocade and the charming of rattan baskets. In this place, visitors can choose all kinds of brocade products. Foreign tourists often marveled at the paintings which are handmade textile patterns with vivid colors and beautiful harmony.

12:00 Eat and stay in hotel.

14.00 visit Hoang A Tuong Mansion

- Hoang A Tuong Palace was built in the style of Asia - Europe with closed rectangular layouts. Its owners were father and son Hoang Yen Chao and Hoang A Tuong, Tay ethnic people who ruled a region with 70 percent of the population are H'mong people and were called "King". Before 1945, Bac Ha was a semi-feudal-colony society, with the ruling class and the ruled class. Under the French colonial support, father and son Hoang Yen Chao - Hoang A Tuong tried to exploit the people, occupied fertile land, forced people to pay servitude and tribute. They also held monopoly in trading salt and consumer goods, drugs and food and exploitation of forest products for French stations and the henchmen. Hoang A Tuong mansion at present and in the past. Those who visited the palace a few years ago would like the old color than the current yellow house at present.

15.30 visit the Pho villages (wine brewing village of Mong people)

- The village of Flower Mong people about 2 kms from Bac Ha town. Ban Pho still retains primary of highland village. From a distance, Pho Village looks like a nice and lively picture. Mingling in the thick and interminable forest and mountain is glimpse of Hmong ethnic homes, like bird nests clinging to the cliffs. Follow beautiful valley with plums garden and corn filed, you can take the beautiful hike along this great scenery and visit the family of hospitable Mong people. Along the small trail, you can stop and visit any hospitable local family of Mong people. Try their famous alcohol made from corn and interact with the family in their traditional house.. 17.00 Travel from Bac Ha back to Lao Cai. 19.00 Have dinner at restaurant in Lao Cai's train station. 21.00 Get on the train to travel back to Hanoi. 05.00 on the next day Arrive in Hanoi. Car will pick you up to the departure location.

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