Mt. Nantai

Attraction Mt Nantai Chugushi Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1661 Japan Published on: 27-02-2016

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Mt. Nantai is the Mt. Fuji of the Nikko area. Its easy access makes it one of the most popular hikes in the Kanto area.

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Why Mt. Nantai is special ?

Nantai-san (男体山), a mountain sacred to Buddhism is, also known as Futarasan (二荒山), in the famous tourist town of Nikko. One of the venerable Hyakumeizan, the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan, Nantai-san has been described as the "Mt. Fuji of the Kanto area", because of its popularity. Indeed, it is just a daytrip away from Tokyo.

It rises majestically to 2486 MASL above the scenic Lake Chuzenji, and has shrines and torii from jumpoff to summit. That, plus the fact that it is a popular climb among the Japanese hikers, make it a cultural experience but the real beauty of Nantai-san are the views at the top and the flora and fauna that line up the trail.


What to explore at Mt. Nantai?

Nantai-san is a prominent extinct stratovolcano on the shore of Lake Chuzenji-ko in Nikko National Park. The peak is sacred and is also known as Futara-san. The middle shrine of Futara-san sits at the foot of Nantai-san, and is where the standard route up the mountain starts. On the summit sits the upper shrine of Futara-san. (The lower Futara-san shrine sits in the city of Nikko and is part of the UNESCO world heritage site).

From locations around Lake Chuzenji-ko, Nantai-san appears as a pretty almost perfect cone.

Great views can be had at the summit, of Lake Chuzenji-ko, and the peaks of Nikko National Parks.

Lava flows from the early stage of the construction of Nantai volcano dammed up the Daiyo River, forming Chuzenji-ko. The dramatic Kegon waterfall plunges over this barrier, and is the top attraction in Nikko National Park.


How to get to Mt. Nantai?

Nantai-san is within the confines of Nikko National Park, the oldest national park in Japan. From the city of Nikko, take the Tobu buses bound for Yumoto from the central bus station that is just beside the Tobu Rail Station. Alight in front of the Futara-san shrine by Lake Chuzenji-ko. The bus journey takes about 1hr.

The most convenient way to get to Nikko from Tokyo is to catch the Tobu trains going out of Asakusa station. A good deal is to get a "All Nikko Pass" (4400yen) that allows you a return trip from Nikko and unlimited local bus travel at Nikko over a four day period, including buses going to Yumoto.


Selling points

  • Great view from Mt Hangetsu
  • A prominent extinct stratovolcano
  • One of the most popular hikes in the Kanto area
  • Beautiful veiw from the top
  • One of the venerable Hyakumeizan
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Mt Nantai Chugushi Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture 321-1661 Japan

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Tips for you

  • It's better to bring snacks and drinks.
    What to bring
  • The official climbing season starts on the 5th of May and ends on the 25th of October.
  • One of the best views of Mt Nantai would have to be from Mt Hangetsu.


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One of the best views of Mt Nantai would have to be from Mt Hangetsu. This can be reached by the bus interchange at Lake Chuzenji until it reaches the car park and the end of the service. From here head to the corner of the car park where the hand rail ends, follow the sign up the mountain trail for about 20 minutes to the viewing platform. If it's rainy or cloudy, you not see much though.

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