Mrs. White Temple

Attraction Bến Âu Lâu, Thành phố cũ Yên Bái, Yên Bái, Viet Nam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Temple Mrs. White shirt is home to Tam Toa Thanh Mau and longstanding monuments. Temple was built by people in Lu Dien and Hop Minh commune

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Why Mrs. White Temple is special ?

In the early twentieth century; Temple Mrs. White shirt remained the ancient architecture, temple associated with historical events which had revolutionary significance of nation. About 1954 to 1951 it was a gathering of officials and soldiers and the people, where transport of weapons, food, for the North West Frontier, contributing part of the military, the people of the country to make the Dien Bien Phu victory. On 21/5/2012 Mrs. White Shirt temple was recognized as a provincial level historical culture relic.

Mrs. White Shirt temple also tied to the history of the revolutionary events ( 1945-1954 ) . The temple had many imprints and important contribution , where guerrilla activities of local people , regional section command where 10 soldiers held classes , in 1948 , where officials admitted the local elite for party admission consideration , it was injuries nursing station , where the officers and soldiers , the people , food and weapons to serve as the major campaigns of Le Hong Phong (1950 ) , Ly Thuong Kiet (1951 ) , West North (1952 ) and Dien Bien Phu (1954 ) .


What to explore at Mrs. White Temple?

Currently in Mrs. White shirt temple also kept a number of artifacts, relics such as ancient incense burners and small chests, ordained lacquer, trimmed with gold art style dynasty. While digging the foundation for building temple, people found 0.5 kg of round and square hole coins. Through classification this was preliminary Vietnamese coins, dating from the thirteenth century to the end of the eighteenth century.


How to get to Mrs. White Temple?

It's located opposite the Âu Lâu pass (Bến Âu Lâu). If you can't find the way, ask the local how to get to Den Ba Trang"

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  • A tranquil place
  • A historical spot in Yen Bai
  • A great place for worshipping
  • A hidden gem in Yen Bai
  • For history lovers
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Bến Âu Lâu, Thành phố cũ Yên Bái, Yên Bái, Viet Nam

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