Mountain View Nature's Park

Attraction Busay Cebu City Cebu Philippines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Looking for a park in the city? A romantic, clean, safe, serene haven where you can stroll around and take in the fresh, crisp air? You can stop daydreaming and head on up to Mountain View Nature Park.

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Why Mountain View Nature's Park is special ?

Mountainview Nature’s Park is a beautifully developed mountain destination within the heart of Cebu. It’s a wonderful complement to Cebu’s world-renowned beaches - a near-perfect balance of crisp, cool mountain air and white sands with crystal clear waters within a single province.

Mountain View Nature Park is a nature park just a few hundred meters below the famed TOPS Garden It’s basically a nature park and it’s designed to suit the needs of all members of the family, friends ug mga barkadas esp mga uyabs, hehehee. It has a children’s Park, a botanical garden, picnic tables, hundreds of benches, Videoke machines, a zoo, some cabins, viewing decks, hanging bridges, mini-restaurants, a mini Nayong Pilipino, way of the cross, a christmas park and so many more.


What to explore at Mountain View Nature's Park?

Mountain View Nature Park in Busay offers camping sites, gardens, retreat and seminar halls, cottages, children’s park, swimming pool, botanical garden, picnic tables, countless benches of different variations, videoke, jukebox, bunk-houses, mini-zoo, hanging bridges, viewing decks, a canteen, mini-restaurants, a Way of the Cross area, Christmas Park and much more. Mountain View Nature Park is just a few hundred meters below TOPS, a famous tourist attraction also in Busay.

In Mountain View Nature Park, you will see a splendid variety of plants and trees. They are everywhere! The favorite spot of many is the Main View Deck. Situated at the peak of the park, the deck offers a magnificent overlooking view of the city. Sitting at the picnic tables by the deck, the treetops below just feel like they are right under your toes - it is a phenomenal experience.


How to get to Mountain View Nature's Park?

Taxi cab drivers can help to take you to the place. most of them would prefer a non-metered reading since the place is situated far up hill. They are also amenable to have arrangements for pick-up or standbye (but that can be costly). By jeepney – you take bound for Busay or JY. If you’re at JY Square Mall, go straight ahead to where there many motorcycles are parking & waiting (Habal-habal drivers) at the side of the road and ask to take you to Mountain View.

Selling points

  • “Close to Nature”
  • “Great place and scenic view!”
  • “A break from the city life”
  • “Excellent Mountain Top!”
  • “Cool and appealing”
A great 2 day trip to Cebu with my parents

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2.0 days
32.78 USD
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Busay Cebu City Cebu Philippines

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Tips for you

  • There is no corkage if you bring your own food.
  • Mountain View Nature’s Park offers fun activities fit for the entire family, such as playgrounds, rope courses, a swimming pool and a viewing deck overlooking
    What to wear
  • Overnight swimming not allowed.
  • Bear in mind you should take a jacket with you, especially at night.
    What to bring
  • Rope courses and water park activities are up until 6:00PM only.
  • Mountain View Nature Park is indeed a great place for family, friends, and lovers.
  • You don’t need to rent a room if you have no plans of staying overnight and still use the free tables
  • A wonderful spot for viewing Cebu City no matter if it's day or night
  • Only 45 minutes away from the city, the park also has a restaurant and cottages available for overnight accommodations.
    What to know


FourSquare View more

Been here a lot of times.. But the most unforgettable one was with Phobi. We got in here at 12mn just for our midnight snack and aylavit' ♥.. Great beverages. Cheers!!!

FourSquare View more

Rope course is awesome!!!

FourSquare View more

Perfect place to chill with your friends, lovely view of the city  try their Rope Course, fun and challenging at the same time--kapoyon gyud mo nig human--and you get a free water after man sad :)

TripAdvisor View more

It was another excursion day for us last Sunday, May 5, and I went out with my sisters again to a nearby tourist spot here in Cebu, Mountain View Nature's Park, just 25 minutes away from Cebu City proper. That day, some of us planned to try the Rope Course being offered in the Holiday Fun adventure site which is near the Christmas Park. When we arrived there at around 10 am, we headed straight to the counter of the Rope Course. Four of us signed up for it, paid a minimum of P 150 for the entire adventure, signed a waiver form and geared up! We were given a helmet each and were strapped safely to the cable that will lead us through all the different ropes in the adventure course. Of course we had a photo op before we said GO! There was no turning back! The first two sets of rope exercises were still manageable for me, i.e. tires we had to walk on which were hanging close together, and a rope net that goes down towards a plank that will be your take-off point to slide and zip through the next set of rope obstacles. I am not a really adventurous and sporty type of person, but with the encouragement of my sisters, I made it through all 12 rope exercises! And I must say here that I wouldn't be able to finish the entire rope course without the help of our guide that day, Roger, who is a mountaineer. I actually wanted to go down when we reached a very difficult rope course, the Log Post, but with all the proper instructions from our guide who taught me which feet and which hand I should use to step onto the log and grab onto the rope respectively, I managed to pass this challenge with flying colors! As one of my sisters said, "Never, never, never give up! You can do it!" I was so happy to do this adventure course, and I hope you should try this, too! This one is perfect for team building activities and for conquering your fears!

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Its a nice place for gatherings and the last time I was here, there was karaoke, everyone was singing and just having fun. Food is good too.

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Closes around 6 PM so best to go in the mid-morning.Wonderful Pools (Clean), Rent a table, No Corkage Fee.Beautiful Views. Our family had a great time.Be careful parking your car as it is on a rather steep downhill slope.

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Its a nice place for gatherings and the last time I was here, there was karaoke, everyone was singing and just having fun. Food is good too.

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We held our summer outing in this place. By this time, we rented a hall beside the swimming pool. The water is cool but needs improvement in terms of cleaning the pool and sanitation. The cottages are too close to the pool...and you knew what happened next... The entrance to the pool is 100 pesos whether you swim or not. For kids below 3 feet, you pay 50 pesos. By the way, the deepest part of the pool is only 4 fear of drowning. The general entrance is 50.00 pesos. If you want overnight, there are lots of rooms available (make sure to book ahead of your travel), function hall for parties, rope course, open cottages for free, restaurants, karaoke, etc. Easy access by habal-habal at 50.00 pesos per head from JY Square. You call also hired taxi but at expensive price. If you are from Cebu and you know the timing of jeepneys going to Garahe Busay, Bonbon, Pung-ol, etc. the fare is only 20 to 25 pesos.

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