Mountain Putuo

Remote Putuo Town, Putuo District, Zhoushan 316100, China Published on: 10-09-2016

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Mount Putuo is one of the four sacred mountains in Chinese Buddhism. It is an island southeast of Shanghai, in Zhoushan prefecture of Zhejiang province, China.

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How to get to Mountain Putuo?

Putuo Island can be reached by boat from Shanghai and Ningbo.

Ferries from Shanghai:

1) Ferries are available at Wusong Pier in Pudong District: departure at 20:00, arrival at 07:30; return ferry for Shanghai departs at 16:30, and arrives Shanghai at 06:30.

2) Visitors can also take speedboats. Special buses pick up at Nanpu Bridge (take public bus No 65, 43, 868 or 869), and drive to Luchao Pier to board the speedboat. Departure times from Nanpu Bridge are at 07:30 and 08:00. It takes about 2 hours from Nanpu Bridge to Luchao Pier, and another two and a half hours to Putuoshan.

Speedboats from Ningbo:

Reference departure time from Daxie Pier: 07:35, 07:55, 08:15, 09:50, 09:45, 10:45, 11:15, 12:05, 13:50, 14:30, 14:50, 15:50, 16:15. It takes about 70 minutes to Putuoshan.


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Putuo Town, Putuo District, Zhoushan 316100, China

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Tips for you

  • There is a vegetarian lunch (one mixed vegetable dish+rice) inside the temple, which will cost you 5 Yuan
  • You should bring some water bottles as sometimes it becomes difficult to find water inside
    What to bring
  • For most of the small peaks on the island cable cars are available (RMB 30 for the round trip).
  • The beaches are really good and your can relax there
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The name that Trip Advisor provides this tourist attraction is a bit deceiving. Putuoshanzhen is one of the islands near Zhoushan. On the island there are a wide variety of things to do. You can catch a ferry to the island from Zhujiajianzhen. There isn't a bridge out to it. While my friends and I were there, we went to a couple of the beaches and to one of the Buddhist landmarks. Some of the beaches were pretty grungy, but I would highly recommend 100 pace beach. They don't let you swim there, but you can still put your feet in the water. Also, there is a hill between 100 pace beach and 1000 pace beach. From the top you can see both beaches. It is one of the most beautiful spots I've ever been. There is a lot more to do than what my friends and I did. I would highly recommend going here. Putuoshan has been one of my favorite destinations in China.

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on the island we visited 3 places: Puji Temple, Nanhai Guanyin Statue and the Buddhist Temple in the Purple Bamboo Forest and had lunch at Xilei Xiaozhuang Hotel. The Puji Temple was an amazing place with 9 magnificent Halls, 12 Pavilions, an 18m Multi-treasure Pagoda, covering an area of 14,000 sq m and fronted by the large Haijin Pool with its 3 very different bridges each wonderful in the own right. By the middle (Emperor's) bridge is the Yu Bei Ting. A visit to this place of worship should take at least 1-2 hours Moving on to the Guanyin Statue with the 33m golden statue standing on a 2 storey plinth surrounded by a plaza with a large number of sculptures both in the plaza in front of the plinth and within the plinth. 3 walls around the plinth have 33 large carved reliefs, one or which covers the complete width of the north wall (to rear of the plinth). A stay of about an hour will allow the area to be seen properly. The Unwilling-to-go Guanyin Monastery in the Bamboo Forest right beside the sea is another site which attracts many worshippers and is anothe place well worth visiting. The Vegetarian Lunch at the hotel was a 24 course affair. The food was very unusual, served at a table for 8 from a Lazy Susan allowing evryone to help themselves. The textures and tastes of the beautifuly shaped food was extremely good

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