Mount Batur

Attraction Mt Batur, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Gunung Batur is one of the biggest mountains in Bali with a summit over 1,700m above sea level and 700m above the surrounding landscape.

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Why Mount Batur is special ?

The Gunung Batur area is like a giant bowl, with its bottom half covered by water and a set of volcanic cones jutting out of the middle. Sound a bit spectacular? It is. On clear days – vital to appreciating the spectacle – the turquoise waters wrap around the newer volcanoes, which have old lava flows oozing down their sides.

In 2012 Unesco honoured the area by adding it to a list of more than 90 geologic wonders worldwide and naming it the Batur Caldera Geopark ( So far this has meant little on the ground, although some interesting signs detailing the unique geology of the area have started to appear along roads in the region.


What to explore at Mount Batur?

The southeast wall of the inner caldera lies beneath Lake Batur; Batur cone has been constructed within the inner caldera to a height above the outer caldera rim. The Batur stratovolcano has produced vents over much of the inner caldera, but a NE-SW fissure system has localized the Batur I, II, and III craters along the summit ridge. Historical eruptions have been characterized by mild-to-moderate explosive activity sometimes accompanied by lava emission. Basaltic lava flows from both summit and flank vents have reached the caldera floor and the shores of Lake Batur in historical time. The caldera contains an active, 700-metre-tall stratovolcano rising above the surface of Lake Batur. The first historically documented eruption of Batur was in 1804, and it has been frequently active since then. The substantial lava field from the 1968 eruption is visible today when viewed from Kintamani, a town that stradles the southwest ridge of the greater caldera.


Selling points

  • Gorgeous scenery not to be missed
  • Spectacular Views
  • Gorgeous Sunrise, Fairly Steep Hike
  • A pleasant place with a great view
  • Beautiful Sunset
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Mt Batur, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • You will find drinks and snacks vendor suddenly joining your climb and if they help you along, do show your appreciation by supporting them
  • It's advisable to go with a local guide. There are also many travel agencies offering tours for your choice.
  • You are given a small torch by your guide but if you have a head torch, you can bring your own.
  • Bring something warm to keep yourself warm while waiting for sunrise.
    What to bring
  • Make sure the weather is nice. It can be sunny in your hotel but it can be rainy and clowdy in Batur.
  • You need to check your health carefully before to have a great trip.
  • Some people who want to rip your money off will claim that trekking by yourself without a tour is illegal but it's not. You have rights to do it by yourself.
  • Book your trek in Ubud it is cheaper and always remember to haggle on the price.


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This is my second time visiting Mt Batur. We had lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking Mt and Lake batur and it was beautiful, peaceful and serene. Highly recommended :)

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