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Mong Kok is the best places to go for bargain hunting and amazing food, offering a local treats and a glimpse into a different side of Hong Kong culture.

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Why Mongkok is special ?

Mongkok is notoriously known as the heartland of triad gangs. In the era that Hong Kong was part of the British Empire, the gweilos (foreign devils) rarely dared to venture here. Even today the area is home to triads, illegal gambling dens and sleaze but don't let this put you off visiting Mongkok since tourists are unlikely to be a target.

Situated in the heart of Kowloon, Mongkok (also written as Mong Kok) is busy day and night. After all, it's the city's largest shopping district Mongkok, Hong Kongand is a favorite place for locals to hang out, especially teens and young adults. Most of the time, the streets are jammed with traffic and people on the sidewalk can hardly make their way down the streets.

What to explore at Mongkok?

It's an exciting district that offers lots of shopping and dining opportunities. The specialized streets are especially fun to visit. For example, the Ladies Market, also known as Women's Street, sells items specifically for the female gender, including lots of clothes.

There's also a Sports Shoe Street, Goldfish Street, and the Trend Zone, where young adults can find the latest in fashions, electronics, and much more.

Not to be missed is the Mongkok Computer Centre, several floors of computers, cell phones, and all the accessories that go with them. While it might be tough to buy a computer there and bring it home, it's a great place Mong Kok district, Kowloon, Hong Kongto purchase small electronic items.

Another must see is the Flower Market, where locals and visitors can purchase myriad species of plants and colorful flowers. All the florists are centered in one area, making for an absolutely fragrant and stunning sight.

While there are some traditional sit-down type restaurants in Mongkok, much of what you'll find in the way of food is curbside "food booths" offering Hong Kong's version of fast food. These stalls are ideal for a quick bite and often the best alternative to fighting the crowds at the more traditional eateries situated along the streets on Mongkok.


Selling points

  • Vibrant Mongkok
  • Fun place to shop
  • Shopping and food
  • Traditional chinese shopping
  • Local hangouts
1 day shop, food and culture in Hong Kong

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Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

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Tips for you

  • This is one of Hong Kong’s shopping havens so make sure you go with plenty of cash
    What to bring
  • Try not to go on the weekends, especially Sunday, unless you want to really experience the crowds!
  • From 10 o'clock in the morning to 9 o'clock at night the entire area is jammed with people
  • You have to be careful of your valuables and belongings
  • Easy access from the subway MTR.
  • Make sure you bargain for a good price, sometimes even 50% lower
  • Be cautious of fake product unless that is what you are looking for.
  • It's a great place to shop for souvenirs
  • If you are looking for nice cheap clothes, Mongkok is the place to go
  • Also in this neighborhood is Ladies Market - a street market filled with stalls selling electronic goods
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MK is a unique place.It's one of the most densely populated regions on the planet. The crowds are immense at some times. But that's a reason to visit. You really should see what this place is like.

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Walking through the streets of Mongkok you get a sense of the way the people in this country live. Its very interesting! Lots of good bargains if you find the right places. Just beware of the mass amounts of people!

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very overcrowded streets but can get good bargains. Just be willing to walk in and out and be nudged and get your foot trodden on occasionally LOL

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Folks...I recommend this little shop if purchasing a watch in Hong Kong.Situated at 355 Shanghai Street, Yaumati, Kowloon it was half an hours walk from Langham Place, Mongkok and is a little family run business.English was slow but it was workable and they look like they have been around for a while to say the least, with who appeared to be the father/grand father watching closely unable to speak English it seems.I spent about 2 hours walking in and out of shops looking for a Seiko Sports 100 and ended up purchasing a Seiko Automatic Divers 200 for the price of the 100 in many shops from this store.I decided on the watch (finally) told them I would buy it if they placed it in a glass of water for 15 minutes...they did...I purchased it much cheaper than in Aussie by almost $200 AUD.I recommend this shop and told them I would (not sure if they understood).

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