Mogan Mountain

Remote Moganshan Town, Deqing County 313200, China Published on: 10-09-2016

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Mount Mogan is a mountain located in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, China, 60 kilometers from the provincial capital Hangzhou and 200 km from Shanghai.

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How to get to Mogan Mountain?

Moganshan is 60 kilometers north of Hangzhou, approximately 200 kilometers west of Shanghai, and a few kilometers west of Wukang Town. The G104 Highway from Hangzhou to Huzhou and the Hang Ning Highway from Hangzhou to Nanjing both pass near Wukang Town.

Wukang Town is near the Moganshan Scenic Area, but you have to find transportation from Wukang Town to the resort area. Most people take a taxi. This costs about 60 RMB. A bus from Wukang Town to the resort is said to cost 50 RMB or 7.9 USD. This is an expensive bus ride for such a short trip.

Taxis from Hangzhou

A taxi ride from Hangzhou to Moganshan takes about 1.4 hours and costs at least 240 RMB. There may be additional tolls or fees. However, a taxi to the Wukang/Deqing Bus Station costs only 150 RMB or about 23 USD.

Buses to the Wukang/Deqing Bus Station

From Shanghai you can catch several buses that go to Wukang. One route departs daily at 6:30 am, 11:50 am and 12:40 pm from the bus station at 80 Gong Xin Lu (公兴路80号) near Qiu Jiang Lu (虬江路). Tickets cost about 65 RMB or more than 10 USD, and travel time is about four hours.

From the Hangzhou North Bus Station on Moganshan Street, buses leave frequently to Wukang (武康) and the Deqing (德清) area. Bus travel takes about 40 minutes, and it costs about 20 RMB or 3 USD.


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Moganshan Town, Deqing County 313200, China

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Hmm, let's see. This is a great retreat place if you live in the crowded and busy Shanghai. Shanghai is so flat and here at Moganshan, about 3 hours west of Shanghai by cars, you will feel fresh air and green in elevations. It is truly a great place over the weekend and even, if you have time, spend a whole week here with lot of choices from expensive boutique hotels to normal and friendly farm house. As for sports, best for riding, both road bikes and mountain bikes, and trekking. Else, just sit back and relax a cup of fresh brew coffee in the middle of the mountain. There are lot of personalized cafe shops hidden inside the mountain. Definitely an amazing place to go but perhaps, not very suggested for tourists with less time.

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