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Shopping Jl. Jend. A. Yani 9 (Malioboro Street), Yogyakarta, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

08:00 AM - 09:00 AM
Local souvenir
8.00 USD

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Mirota Batik is the souvenir shop that had been strongly recommended when visiting Yogya. It is a double-storey air-conditioned store with extravagant numbers of local products.

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Why Mirota Batik is special ?

Mirota Batik, established in 1980’s, is founded by Hamzah Sulaiman. As the owner, he was obsessed to build a place of shopping tourism especially for arts and batik which was more representative. Finally, he made the realization of his obsession in the form of Mirota Batik artshop. The concept of Mirota Batik itself is building a shopping tourism destination that is comfortable for the customers while presenting the characteristics of Javanese culture in general, and presenting the characteristics of Yogyakarta culture in particular. One thing that is interesting here is that there is a traditional batik maker that directly makes batik in this place.

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What to explore at Mirota Batik?

Located at Ahmad Yani Street No. 9, Yogyakarta, Mirota Batik shop is situated in the strategic area, which includes in Malioboro area, right across Beringharjo market. The building stoutly stands and lies on 802,000 meters square ground. Consisting of four floors, Mirota Batik is the complete shopping tourism place in Yogyakarta. On the first floor, you can find so many various kinds of Batik shirts and cloths. Near the staircase, there is a stand that provides various kinds of instant jamu (traditional herbal medicine). Going upstairs on the second floor, there are various kinds of art crafts. On the third floor, there is a photography studio of Ratri Image. After having been tired of shopping and needing to take a rest, there is a café named Oyot Godhong that is situated on the third and fourth floor. The café provide free hotspot for the guests who come there.

Source: http://www.iwantgoto.com/

How to get to Mirota Batik?

To go to Malioboro, you can take Transjogja Bus line 2A and 3A. Stop at the shelter in front of Gedung Agung. You just need to take a walk for another 50 meters. Or you can take city bus line 9, 12, 15. Stop at the Zero Point, and then take a walk for 300 meters away.

You can also take personal vehicles, cars or bikes to reach the place.

Source: http://www.iwantgoto.com/

Selling points

  • Excellent value for money
  • Great place to buy batik
  • Good stop for last minute shopping
  • Unique souvenirs, no need to bargain
  • One Shop for every souvenirs
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Jl. Jend. A. Yani 9 (Malioboro Street), Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Facility available in Mirota Batik shop is the rest room which is free of charge and equipped with traditional equipments.
  • Minora Batik is always crowded all the time, but don't worry, the air-conditioner of the shop can make you comfortable than other places.
  • It's better to bring cash and exchange it to Indonesian rupiah, people here like using cash rather than cards.
    What to bring
  • The prices here are the same for locals and tourists alike. But if you want to practice some bargaining skills, the locals are very friendly for you to do it.
  • You have to aware of your valuable things like cellphone or wallet, because this place so crowded in holiday.
  • People like to pay at cashier in the ground, but you can pay every cashier spot at upper level to avoid queue.
  • There's another Minora Batik shop opened at Kaliurang Street Km 15.5 which also offers you various souvenirs and ornaments.
    What to know


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klo kalian tinggal d seputaran jakal atas ngapain jauh" ke Malioboro cm buat nyari batik n brng kerajinan lainnya, mending jg ke mirota batik jakal aj, deket n gk kalah am mirota batik maliboro

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back to nature,nyaman n kalap blanja

FourSquare View more

Like shopping yang nyaman

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Unik, etnik & menghadirkan atmosfer belanja yang "Jogja" banget. Pasti betah bagi para Batik lovers.. :-)

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Penagihan & setor barang

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The most enjoyable experience fossicking around in this Alladins cave of Indonesian handicrafts! Don't miss the chance to buy Jamu and teh Secang here as it is a great range! It's really realistically priced and staff are happy to package ready for shipping if you just ask. Becaks to the post office right outside the door so you can ship os.

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We are a middle aged couple on vacation visiting different locations in Indonesia. During our stay in Yogyakarta we decided to access this store for batik fashion and specifically sarongs. However, this place is not what we expected and certainly would not recommend. It was crowded, overstocked and as a result we were unable to comfortably browse. We also noticed that we were being watched and followed by store security. It was obvious because they were so obvious! Our thought is to save yourself the agony of constantly being elbowed, bumped and stepped on by fellow shoppers and head somewhere else. We also felt rather intrigued but offended at the attention given to us by security - we didn't think as two tall middle aged Caucasian vacationers that we would be targeted in such a manner.

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This one stop batik and souvenir shop is just too crowded and there is hardly any space to move between aisles to shop comfortably. And with signs warning of pickpockets, one cannot even browse comfortably without worrying about your belongings.I find staff to be unfriendly and not helpful.Selection of goods is also not of good quality and designs are just average and nothing special about this place.

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April 2014 at the end of our stay in Yogyakarta we went to Mirota Batik at Jl. A. Yani No. 9. Jl. A. Yani is an extension of Jl. Dagen at the opposite end to the railway line. So if leaving Malioboro Mall, which is a pretty good shopping centre especially if you want clothing and non souvenir items, you need to turn left onto Jl. Dagen and its a fair way up on the right hand side of the road. Its so far that we thought we had missed finding it completely. It is not far past the Beringharjo Traditional market, its practically opposite Jl. Pabringan and just short of Jl. Reksobayan and Gedung Agung. This is the place to shop for sure, make it your first stop instead of your last and you will get some great bargains otherwise you will be kicking yourself later. They have 3 floors full of bargains just waiting for you to discover them. The prices here are the same for locals and tourists alike. They have practically everything from batik clothing, jewellery, puppets, kites, all souvenirs, large statues, ash trays, bags, fans, umbrellas, hats, ornaments, and much more. I will almost guarantee you won't walk of there empty handed. I couldn't resist some puppet dolls in traditional dress complete with a stand which l saw at one place earlier for 210,000rp but l paid 60,000rp each at Mirota Batik. On purchase they went off and got their original boxes all in excellent condition to place them in for travel. Other breakable items were wrapped well in brown paper then put in a bag. Must say l was disappointed that l could not get the attention of the only staff member behind the jewellery counter so after a long wait l left without any service there. As with everywhere else in Indonesia I noted, Mirota also function poorly in the register areas where they are over staffed on the floors and not many checkouts available to pay for items so patrons must wait a long time to pay for their items. If they had a shorter lineup at the checkouts l could have spent more time looking around to buy more but l only had a couple of hours spare - l could easily have spent at least half a day if not longer there looking around at everything. Also there are no trolleys to carry ones purchases in while looking around and not enough width in the aisles for them anyway, its difficult for 2 people with their arms full to pass each other. Nonetheless if l ever go back to Jogja l will take a large bag and visit this store again. Highly recommended!!!! Oh and although the streets were extremely busy with traffic, we had no problem waving down a taxi at the front door when leaving.

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klo kalian tinggal d seputaran jakal atas ngapain jauh" ke Malioboro cm buat nyari batik n brng kerajinan lainnya, mending jg ke mirota batik jakal aj, deket n gk kalah am mirota batik maliboro

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