Miniature Theme Park (Soingook)

Attraction 1878, Jungsanganseo-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do Published on: 13-11-2015

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Miniature Theme Park (Soingook) is good for

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Jeju Soingook Theme Park is Jejudo’s major tourist attraction, covering about 20,000 square meters of land, holding various miniature models of famous architecture from all over the world

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Why Miniature Theme Park (Soingook) is special ?

Jeju Soingook Theme Park is Jejudo’s major tourist attraction, covering about 20,000 square meters of land, holding various miniature models of famous architecture from all over the world including Korea’s Bulguksa Temple, Jeju International Airport, Jageumseong Castle, Tower Bridge, Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and much more from 30 countries, totaling 100 miniature models. The theme park also provides a traditional cultural experience with Jejudo’s rock culture, folk religion, hands-on programs, an outdoor concert stage, a mini RC car stadium, and dinosaur fossils.

Each corner is designed in its own unique fashion. The theme park is a combination of an exhibition hall and a cultural space where visitors can experience a variety of entertainment and culture.


What to explore at Miniature Theme Park (Soingook)?

Jeju Soingook Theme Park fascinates both locals and international tourists alike. Seeing the beautiful replicas of famous landmarks makes you feel like you’re going on a globe-trotting spree. Each corner of the park is uniquely designed to maximize the entertainment experience of visitors, putting the combination of cultural space and exhibition hall.

All miniature objects, both human and architecture in the park have been made to the curate and identical proportions of the original piece and displayed on a wide space, showing the each era’s culture. Jeju’s Soingook Theme Park is a popular tourist attraction both for Koreans and foreigners alike


How to get to Miniature Theme Park (Soingook)?

To road 95 (30 min, required )

Airport -> West Sightseeing Rroad -> (to Daejeong) -> Seogwang Intersection

To road 95 (35 min, required )

Bus to Daejong leaves from Jeju Intercity Bus terminal every 20 minutes

To road 1116 (20 min, required)

Hallim -> Geumak -> Donggwang -> (to Daejeong) -> Seogwang Intersection

To road 12 (30 min, required)

Jungmun Tourism Complex -> (to Daejeong) -> Changchun -> Seogwang Intersection

To road 16 (18 min, required)

Hallim Park -> Bonsai Art Academy -> O’sulloc -> Seogwang Intersection

To road 95 (10 min, required)

Daejong -> (jeju-si) -> Seogwang Intersection


Selling points

  • Interesting and neat!
  • Fun enough for us
  • World attractions in one park
  • Best deal on the island!
  • One park with many sculpture collections and sights
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88.44 USD
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12 places




1878, Jungsanganseo-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

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Tips for you

  • Groups : Adults 7,000 won ($6.27) / Youths 3,500 won ($3.13) / Military, Seniors, the handicapped, and men of national merit 3,500 won ($3.13) / Children 3,500 won ($3.13) Adults (ages 19-64, including university students), Youths (ages 13-18), Military (only medics), Seniors (ages 65 and more), the handicapped (level 1-6, one guardian receives the same discount rate if the handicapped visitor is of level 1-3), Children (ages 3-12) Groups of 20 people and more Proof required for discount
    Ticket and Pricing
  • You can bring your pets to go here Allowed (Pets must be on a leash at all times. Please bring plastic bags to dispose of pet litter)


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“Poorly maintained, but fun enough for us” We have fun taking photos here even some miniatures looked old and not properly maintained. It would be such nice place to introduce the world famous building and attractions to your kids (and to adult as well). I wish they add more models to the park and revamp the old ones. Nevertheless, it was fun enough for us. Make sure to go early as when there are too many people, they might disturb you while taking photos. Admission fee for adult: approx. KRW9000

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Nice reasonable size of models of worlds famous buildings

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