Meoto Iwa

Remote Japan, 〒519-0602 Mie Prefecture, Ise, Futamichoe, 575 Published on: 28-07-2016

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Meoto Iwa are a couple of small rocky stacks in the sea off Futami, Mie, Japan. They are joined by a shimenawa and are considered sacred by worshippers at the neighboring Futami Okitama Shrine.

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Selling points

  • An iconi nature phenomenon off Ise Bay
  • Rocks with wide view of ocean
  • A great place to watch sunset
  • Great for some photos and selfies
  • So beautiful place at sunset/sunrise
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Japan, 〒519-0602 Mie Prefecture, Ise, Futamichoe, 575

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Meoto- Iwa is the name for a couple of nature phenomena in geographic rock formations located in Futami, Mie Prefecture on the coast of Ise Bay. These iconic rock formations are seen floating above sea water during the high tide; one large sea rock stacks and one small sea rock stacks appear standing closely together for eon. These so called the Wedded Rocks or Married Couple Rocks, are connected and encircled by a heavy duty straw rope which must be replaced three times(May 5th, September 5th and second or third weekend of December when hours of high tide occur.) a year; each replacement is held as a ritual ceremonial event. There is a small torii built on top of the large rock and the site is consider a sacred place to worship. If you visit during May and July you might be able to watch sun rises between the gap of two rocks. Near the sea coast is often windy; winding foot path along the shore is narrow and sometime slippery. On a warm sunny day this foot path can be very congested as visitors trying to take photos of the people with these famous rocks. A day trip from Kyoto to Meoto Iwa is doable by trains and buses but I recommend your day itinerary include the site visit to Ise's Grand Shrine, the most important Shinto shrine in Japan. During the warm summer season the Ise Bay area is a popular vacation resort area for boating, swimming or just relax and enjoy the sea views. The area is also famous for its freshly caught seafood-lobsters, oysters and clams-from the Ise Bay. For the JR pass holders, to get there from Kyoto, take SHINKANSEN HIKARI line to Nagoya then transfer on JR Rapid Mie line to Futaminoura. To get there from Ise-shi Station take the JR Sangu Line to Futaminoura Station. After exiting the station you then follow the road signs heading toward the sea coast, about 25 minutes by foot. If you have time to shop there are souvenir shops inside of an enclosed mall structure; at the end of the shops the exit door will lead you to the foot path to see the rocks, Futami Okitama Shrine and seashore. Or, you can skip the shopping mall and just take the road path follow the signs to reach the shore and Futami Okitama Shrine.

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