Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery

Attraction 1-1 Kasumigaokacho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan Published on: 26-02-2016

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Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery with about 80 large wall paintings illustrates the lives of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.

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Why Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery is special ?

Originally constructed in 1920 in honor of the recently deceased Emperor (July 30, 1912) and Empress (April 11, 1914), the gallery was destroyed by fire during World War II. By 1958, a new building was erected, which now houses the works of artwork that took nearly twenty years to complete.

The paintings are visually impressive at dimensions of three meters by three meters and the hallways include eighty paintings in all, half of which are described by the gallery as western-style works and the other half as Japanese-style paintings.

The series of works moves in a chronological order commencing in the tumultuous era of transition from the Tokugawa Shogunate feudal system to a prefectural system governed by various departments (legislative, executive, finance, civil affairs). Each painting is accompanied by a small plaque located in the forefront with details regarding the subject matter of the specific work. The Meiji Era is often referred to as the modernization of Japan and was a time of rapid industrialization.

It’s important to note that the creation of the gallery was done so in honor of the Emperor and Empress and the resultant changes to Japan’s presence both domestically and internationally. This intention is reflected in the information disseminated by the gallery to the public. Viewing the information presented should be taken with this in mind. It is nearly impossible to provide detailed historical information in such a setting and this isn’t the primary purpose of the gallery.


What to explore at Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery?

The exterior of the building is made from impressive, domestically produced marble, and was designated as a Japanese Important Cultural Property in June 2011. The interior has a large dome in the center. The exhibitions feature 40 Japanese paintings and 40 Western paintings (a total of 80 paintings) that convey the history of the Meiji period at one glance.


How to get to Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery?

By car:Metropolitan Expressway Route 4 Shinjuku Line Gaien ramp. From Urban area: Make a U-turn at Gaien-higashi Dori Gondawara Intersection. Turn left a little way ahead. From Shinjuku area: Drive on public street and turn right at the second stoplight.

From Haneda Airport:Take a Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho Station and transfer to Toei Oedo Line, toward Hikarigaoka. Get off at Kokuritsu-kyogijo Station. 5 minutes by foot from A1 exit.

By train:5 minutes by foot from JR Shinanomachi Station.

By bus:Take a Toei bus Shina 97. Get off at the bus stop Shinanomachi-eki minamiguchi (south exit) and walk for 3 minutes.


Selling points

  • Historic scenes of the brilliant era.
  • Great works of art created by top artists
  • Precious historical records
  • The politics, culture and manners of the era.
  • Western-style works and Japanese-style paintings.
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1-1 Kasumigaokacho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Tips for you

  • It can be closed on certain days. Please inquire before visiting.


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Childhood is where he was mistaken and the Houses of Parliament. Commonly known called "Picture Gallery", painting tatemae ground is a sacred place of grass baseball, where but sometimes you have to play, the body actually did not have that it has entered. To commemorate the Itoku of Emperor Meiji, painting to follow the life you Yes on display. It is a building of a 1926 completion, but the ceiling will be overwhelmed by its height and has become a dome When you enter. Since the visitor when I entered was nobody, the sound of shoes was echoed on the walls and ceiling. Since the building is mostly made of marble domestic, today it seems that it is almost impossible to make the same building. Although painting is also possible to turn quickly because about 80 sheets only, and was caught my eye is the "Taiseihokan" Tokugawa Yoshinobu declares the Taiseihokan, is Kaishu wins and Saigo Takamori to negotiation for Edo Castle bloodless surrender is "Fall of Edo negotiation". Both are textbooks of Japanese history, the original was a new emotion also whether there was here. Admission also terribly high, so maybe visitors are also not expected to rush, and Why not try all means stop by incidentally something.

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