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Remote MAS Ubud Gianyar, Bali Indonesia Published on: 15-03-2016

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Mas Village is a village of art with a focus on carving of wood sculptures. It is situated in Ubud District and Gianyar Regency.

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Why Mas Village is special ?

Mas Village in Bali - Indonesia is a village of art with a focus on carving of wood sculptures. It is situated in Ubud District and Gianyar Regency has a distinctive style in the art carving of wood sculptures that promotes characteristic synergy of humanism and naturalism. The fame of this village as a village of art has been recognized nationally and internationally which can not be separated from the greatness name of some maestros who born, growth and find their identities and spirit of art in Mas Village like the famous artist, Ida bagus Tilem (deceased) and others.


What to explore at Mas Village?

Mas Village as one of the tourism object and attraction in Gianyar Regency is located between the village of arts that are mutually supportive and complimentary. In south of this village there is Batuan Village famous with the traditional painting of Batuan style, in east there is Kemenuh Village famous with the center of wood carving, in west is Lod Tunduh Village famous with painting, in the north is Peliatan Village famous with traditional dances and Kerawitan gamelan. In the northeast of this village, there is Gua Gajah, a famous tourist destination with cultures and archeological as a representation of diversity and the feature archeological of Balinese cultures.


How to get to Mas Village?

Mas Village is strategically located in the main road from Denpasar to Ubud and it can be reached from various of angle. It is about 15 km easterly go to the majors road to Ubud from Denpasar town. If you wish to go to this place from Denpasar, the starting spandrel points step into Mas Village is Sakah, where a big baby idol monumentally existing in the middle of road.


Selling points

  • Great workmanship , good prices
  • The perfect place to buy quality wood carvings
  • Amazing wood carving gallery
  • Interesting and high quality wood pieces
  • Perhaps the woodcarving capital of Bali
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MAS Ubud Gianyar, Bali Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • There are no price tags. Everything is negotiable. The price is artificially raised at the beginning so that you can bargain.
  • You are greeted by a guide / salesperson. He then explains process that each carving goes through, and because there are several workers outside the shop you actually see the progress.
    Things to do
  • If you want to buy a really big carving, they can actually deliver it to your home in such cases.


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We went to Sila Galery Mas Carving center on Dec 7th, 2015. I was immediately amazed by one of the workers who was engrossed in his wood carving work. The host who greeted our arrival, was very friendly and knowledgeable about the wood carving process. Upon entering the gallery, my husband and I were astonished by the varieties of wood work on display. They were statues of animals and human anatomy, dolls and 'magic boxes' and etc. Some were quite pricey, so be prepared to haggle a bit. I bought a dandy, magic box which cost RP 350K (US $25) as a memorable souvenier for myself.

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