Maniguin Island Lighthouse

Remote Maniquin Island Banwa kang Culasi Antique Philippin Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Maniguin Island Lighthouse is a lighthouse that marks the Cuyo East Passage, a main shipping route south into the Sulu Sea.

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Why Maniguin Island Lighthouse is special ?

The Maniguin Island Lighthouse is a lighthouse that marks the Cuyo East Passage, a main shipping route south into the Sulu Sea. The island, also known as Maningning Island or Hammerhead Island,[3] is located 26.5 miles (42.6 km) off of the coast ofCulasi, Antique in the Philippines. It has a narrow ridge 110 feet high across its southern end, and the remainder of the island is low and wooded, and not more than 15 feet high. It is fringed with coral reefs with deep water at their edges. The round cylindricalconcrete tower with a gallery on top is located near the southeastern point of the island.

What to explore at Maniguin Island Lighthouse?

Although Maniguin is one of the barangays of Culasi, Antique, it is 42.6 km off the coast off the main island of Panay from Culasi Proper, Antique and will take 4 to 5 hours to reach the island on a pumpboat. Having able to contact a number of people from DOT in Culasi (c/o Mr. John Sumanting),I took the advice of Maniguin Island's Barangay Captain Nica Torres, to take the shorter route instead, via Libertad, Antique. Her son, Wilbert Torres, a barangay kagawad from Tinigbas, Libertad, helped me get to the island using his pumpboat. It only took us a little less than two hours to reach Maniguin Island.

Selling points

  • It’s time to relax
  • A peaceful and beautiful place
  • Re-live a chapter of history
  • Learn more about the history
  • Beautiful weather and wonderful lighthouse!
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Maniquin Island Banwa kang Culasi Antique Philippin

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Tips for you

  • It takes about 2 hours to get the lighthouse . It’s better to visit this lighthouse on sunny days
  • For its location, this place is not suitable for kids.
  • Be careful on the way to reach the lighthouse
  • It’s quite far from the town center
  • Don't forget to check weather forecast before your trip. It can be dangerous if you go on the rainy day

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