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Shopping Local Market, Henveiru, Malé, Maldives Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Local Market, just a block away from the Male’ Fish Market on the northern waterfront, is divided into small stalls.

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Why Male Local Market is special ?

The "Local Market" located on the Northern waterfront, is a block away from the Male' Fish Market. When compared to the frenzy of activity in the rest of the neighborhood, a peaceful atmosphere prevails on the block.

Male', the capital of Maldives can be termed as the shopper's paradise in Maldives. Here, the market is divided into small stalls, with each stall selling local products from the atolls. Some of the produces on display are different kinds of local vegetables, fruits, yams and packets of sweetmeat, nuts and breadfruit chips. There are a lot of bottles of pickles, home made sweets and banana bunches hang on coir ropes from ceiling beams.


What to explore at Male Local Market?

At the Male Local Market, the pace is slower and the atmosphere peaceful, compared to the hectic activity in the rest of this neighborhood. Each stall is filled with a variety of local produce mainly from the atolls for you to select from. Here you will find different kinds of local vegetables, fruits and yams, packets of sweetmeat, nuts and breadfruit chips, bottles of home made sweets and pickles and bunches of bananas hanging on coir ropes from ceiling beams. Another building just next door this local market sells smoked and dried fish. Visitors can easily buy everything you want to prepare the best meal ever.


How to get to Male Local Market?

The Local Market is opposite the Male Fish Market. You can reach the local market by ferry to Jetty Number 1 (about USD 1). You can also take a taxi to travel around Male (USD 9.5).

Selling points

  • Great Local Market
  • Best place to see Maldives local life
  • Good price, cheaper than city centre
  • Interesting fruits and nuts
  • Local Market but International option
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Local Market, Henveiru, Malé, Maldives

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Tips for you

  • There's no sign in front of each shop, you should find it by yourself or can ask some locals.
    Things to do
  • It's better to visit this market with a tour guide. Some locals cannot speak English and there're many things to hear from them.
    Things to do
  • You should try to go there with the local currency, otherwise you will look like you don't know the prices, will have a harder time negotiating and will most likely be ripped off.
    What to bring
  • As a foreigner, the merchants are more than willing to give samples of the food and fruit.
  • Visiting early morning is the best time to buy stuff and where the price is normally cheaper.
  • Like other places in Male, the local market is not crowded on Friday because Friday is a prayer day here.
  • You can try local snacks nearby like chips and dried fishballs named Han'doo Kudhigulha for MVR 35.
    Things nearby
  • The sellers can charge you a higher fee than the local, but you can do a little bargain.
    Ticket and Pricing


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We were on a walking tour of Male and were so glad we were shown the local produce market. The place is so colourful with so many different types of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a huge variety of spices. It was great to see the locals in action and they store holders were very friendly offering us lots of bits and pieces to sample. A must see whilst in Male.

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