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Male Fish Market is a market selling fresh fish and seafood. Though what is unique about this market is that you can find almost any kind of fish here.

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Why Male Fish Market is special ?

The Male Fish Market is located a mere two blocks away from the local market. The main feature of the market is its unmissable odour of freshly caught fish. Once your nostrils adjust to the strong smell, the market is a veritable delight of colour and energy. Being the hub of commercial activities, Maldives fish market is a place that is always overcrowded with people. The shops over here are stocked with a wide variety of products. It is here in the fish market of Maldives that dhonis from different parts of the country unload the dried fish, fresh fruits and vegetables collected from the various atolls.


What to explore at Male Fish Market?

If you wish to catch a glimpse of Maldivians' daily lives, look no further than the Male' Fish Market. This is the commercial epicenter of arguably the country's most important industry—fishing. The market is kept scrupulously clean, washed down each day and disinfected. Here, the foot traffic peaks in the afternoon as fishermen from the entire country sail right up to the edge of the market and unload the daily catch. Tuna is the most popular fish for sale, but you'll find some other types as well. Just an idea: You could pick up some fresh fruit and fish for dinner, if you have a facility to prepare a meal.


How to get to Male Fish Market?

You can reach the Fish Market by ferry to Jetty number 1 (about USD 1). The Fish Market is 100m from Jetty number 1, on Boduthakurufaanu Magu.

Selling points

  • Interesting way to see the Maldives' 2nd industry
  • A clean fish market
  • Fresh fish everywhere, good to see
  • Insight into Maldivian fish
  • Great to see what the locals catch
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Male Fish Market

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Tips for you

  • You should make sure you see the fish-cutters at work, with their practised blades slicing and dicing the fish neatly.
    What to see
  • You should beware though, some fish cutters don't like being photographed.
  • There is no set opening and closing times for market, but you'll find the best selection in the afternoon and early evening.
  • Friday is the worst day to visit as it is the main prayer day and there will be few fish around. You'll see some but it will be really quite.
  • The market is not far from the fruit and vegetable local markets as well, you can take a look and prepare your meal.
    Things nearby
  • You can ask a vendor to cut off a tiny slice of dried marlin for you, and taste it. It actually tastes like ham.
    Things to do
  • You should stand clear of the fish cleaners and filleters or you'll get flying guts and spray on you.
    Things to do
  • If you come here with a tour guide, you should make sure your guide tells you about the buying process and be prepared to get fish gunk on your slippers.
    Things to do
  • It's better to take care of your children, wear shoes with a bit of grip, and watch your step, it can be a little slippery at times.
    Things to do


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See fish of all sizes, colours and varieties- and all so fresh here. And a spectacular style of cutting the fish, where they kind of slice the fish leaving the bone in-tact, into two main parts which thus has no bones. I hear that they put the bones back so that the small fish can eat it and grow. What a great philosophy. Beware though, some fish cutters don't like being photographed. One actually swaggered his massive sharp knife at me!

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Only Place to buy fresh fish in Male. If you want quality fish with a reasonable price better to go morning.

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