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Malé is the capital and most populous city in the Republic of Maldives. It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

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Why Malé is special ?

Malé, (pronounced as Mar-lay), is the capital and most populous city in the Republic of Maldives. Traditionally it was the King's Island, from where the ancient royal dynasties ruled and where the palace was located.

Malé is both a city and an island, combining cosmopolitan style with laid-back islander roots. Candy-colored skyscrapers dominate the spectacular skyline, artificial beaches beckon visitors to the turquoise waters and historic sites await exploration. The islet is only 1.7 kilometers long and just one kilometer wide, but more than 100,000 people call it home. It is the world's densest city, making it easy to explore on foot. You can walk around the entire island in about an hour, and nearly all the sights are conveniently concentrated on the north shore.


What to explore at Malé?

Malé offers the best chance to see the ‘real’ Maldives away from the resort buffet and infinity pool. Overlooked by tall, brightly coloured buildings and surrounded by incongruously turquoise water, Male is a hive of activity, the engine driving the Maldives’ economy and the forum for the country’s political struggles.

Male is also pleasant and pleasingly quirky – alcohol-free bars and restaurants jostle with shops and lively markets and the general hubbub of a capital is very much present. This city island offers a chance to get a real feel for the Maldives and what makes its people tick, and to meet Maldivians on an equal footing.


How to get to Malé?

Male International Airport is located on the neighboring island of Hulhule. From the airport island, there is a frequent airport ferry to take you to Male. It costs about 10-25 rufiyah depending on the time that you take the ferry.

Selling points

  • Best place for vacation
  • Best place for evening and mid night ride
  • One of the many beautiful islands
  • An interesting walk with narrow roads
  • Full with beautiful high rise buildings
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Malé Maldives

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Tips for you

  • Male is small enough to walk around in an hour, and almost all sights are concentrated on the north shore. Public transportation in Male is limited to roving taxis, which charge a flat Rf.25 plus Rf.5 per bag.
  • One of the most popular sights in Malé is the Hukuru Miskiyy, or Friday Mosque. Non-Muslims must be granted permission to enter the site, but it is worth the effort to explore the beautiful building.
    Things to do
  • A small artificial beach offers respite from the city center on the east coast. The turquoise waters are especially welcoming to surfers, and locals love to lounge on the white sand.
    Things to do
  • No alcohol is available on Male, even at the hotels, with the solitary exception of the Hulhule Island Hotel.
  • You have to dress respectfully if visiting Male. Men should wear at least T-shirts and shorts below the knee, while women should keep shoulders and legs covered.
    What to wear
  • Crime rates in Male are low, although some advice not walking around alone after dark.
  • The small island of Villingili is a short boat ride away, perhaps 20 minutes. On Villingili there is a real beach which is much less crowded than Male's. You can go diving or snorkeling as well via Diver's Lodge Maldives.
    Things nearby
  • For more conventional souvenirs, hit up the shops at Chandhanee Magu on the northern end of the island. Discerning travelers can pick up anything from shell necklaces and local handicrafts for reasonable prices.

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