Maldive Victory

Attraction North Male Atoll, SW of Hulhule Reef, Hulhule Airport Island Published on: 13-11-2015

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Maldive Victory was a Singaporean cargo ship. In North Malé Atoll, the ship met an untimely fate, slammed into the sea bed and became a dive site in Maldives today.

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Why Maldive Victory is special ?

Maldive Victory is located in the depths of the Indian Ocean and tourists from far and wide come to visit this spot to be marveled by the grandeur of this 270-foot freighter. The Victory was carrying tourist goods to the island when it ran aground that fateful day. Desperate attempts were made by local divers to salvage its treasures, which were already spoiled. On the plus side the Maldives gained an excellent dive site, which has slowly become encrusted with corals and fans that provide shelter to a colony of marine life and fish. To have a look at this relic of Maldivian victory one had to dive deep into the Indian Ocean.


What to explore at Maldive Victory?

The wreck is studded with extremely sharp jagged seashells and urticating hydroids. As a dive site, the Victory provides good enough underwater visibility to spot scorpion fish and honeycomb moray eels. Bannerfish, mantis shrimps and turtles have also made their home in the hull.

Inside the wreck, bottles, cigarettes and a selection of small mosaic tiles are strewn around – the only reminder that human life once inhabited this vessel. Apart from fellow divers, expect to see nothing but fish and corals. Descend down the line to the ship’s main deck and shelter from the current while investigating the myriad of marine life that have made this wreck their home.


How to get to Maldive Victory?

Maldive Victory wreck is located at South West of Hulhule and very near Male. You can take the dive spot by speed boat for about 15 minutes from Hulhule.

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  • Good area to visit and see pretty water nature
  • Amazing Scene, relax and fun
  • Gorgeous,perfect,relaxing
  • Dream site for diving
  • Very enjoyable dives on the Maldive Victory
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North Male Atoll, SW of Hulhule Reef, Hulhule Airport Island

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Tips for you

  • The cost of a dive trip is depended on your supplier or included in the accomodation fee. You can book the trip at your hotel or local diving companies.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • You should beware that the currents are also powerful at times, which can push you far away the boat.
  • The Victory is full of very sharp shells and stinging hydroids which can injure you. Hence it is necessary to take maximum precautions before planning for the dive.
    Things to do
  • There is a shot line from the main mast (12m) to the Deck (27m) which used to descend. You should dive around the line for safety.
    Things to do
  • Each dive will be carefully calculated for the ratio time / air in order to be achieved safely and to easily return to the mooring lines attached to the buoy. It's better to discuss everything clearly before your trip.
    Things to do
  • Located at a depth of 35 meters, hence for security reasons, the wreck of the Victory is officially listed in the advanced / expert dive sites of the Atoll. It's not suitable for beginner divers.


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So far I´ve been to Maldive Victory twice, first as part of my Advanced Open Water course in August 2012 and then as a Rescue Diver in January 2013. The cargo (which most sources say is 110 meters long) sank in 1981 and you can still find old rulers, stereos, cassettes, photo albums, etc. I´d say that most of the time you´ll want to be at a depth of 20 to 35 meters. The wreck is incredibly close to the airport island of Hulhule and just a few minutes away from Male´. Sometimes the visibility isn´t that great and there are strong currents, but it´s still a great spot to go and see.

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