Maji Maji Square

Attraction No. 3-25, Jiuquan St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, TaiWan 104 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Maji Maji is an immensely fun and interactive space. The lifestyle and food market takes note that grawn-ups may be in need of their playtime too.

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Why Maji Maji Square is special ?

Taipei’s Yuanshan (圓山) area is home to a popular children’sMaji Maji Square theme park, and now, with the opening of Maji Maji Square (MAJI MAJI集食行樂), adults have a place in the park where they can spend a few happy hours too. Located in the Taipei Expo Park’s Yuanshan Park Area (花博公園圓山園區), the square is designed as a pleasant gathering spot for friends – an adult version of a children’s playground hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place of culture, music, fine foods, and agricultural products, it is an ideal place for a stroll, while soaking up the area’s creative energy.


What to explore at Maji Maji Square?

Visitors immediately notice the slow pace and the laid-back, casual foreign-style atmosphere. Yeh says that the original idea was not specifically to engender an international atmosphere, but simply to provide travelers with an alternative leisure space. Integrated with the surrounding green environment, it offers a distinctive bazaar-style selection of restaurants, small shops and vendor stalls, offering the public an oasis of calm and relaxed comfort.

Fine Foods and Great Shopping

In addition to the small food-court style eateries and creative market outlets, Yeh – a lover of fine foods and spirits – has attracted a number of international restaurants that serve gourmet foods accessible to average diners. Among these are the Butcher’s Kitchen (肉舖廚房), purveyor of prime thick-cut steaks, The Three Lions Inn (三隻獅子英國餐廳), which specializes in authentic English fare, and Thai Lao Yeh (太老爺), where genuine Thai village cuisine is prepared. Tourists can travel the world via their palates without leaving the square.

Most of the market’s chic boutiques are the only outlets in Taiwan. The kid-popular Brick Works (樂高親子積木主題咖啡館), for example, is a shop filled with LEGO toys and models of desserts made from building blocks – as well as with children’s laughter. Good Music (好感音樂) displays and sells a dizzying selection of vinyl records and valuable vintage audio equipment. The owner’s collection tops 10,000 records, so there’s little wonder why this store has become something of a magnet for collectors.

The three-room A. JUST shop contains treasures that Yeh has collected over years of world travels, such as blue-and-white porcelains, old Japanese collectibles, industrial furniture, and vintage suitcases. The market square also has an agricultural-product emporium, Maji Food & Deli (神農市場). Yeh’s passion for food is accompanied by a passion for cooking, and though having lived in Bangkok for almost 20 years, he heads to traditional markets for all kinds of locally crafted sauces whenever back to Taipei. Maji food & Deli collects the best of Taiwan farm products, as well as foods, ingredients and sauces from Taipei’s Nanmen Market (南門市場), providing a one-stop shopping venue for foodloving visitors.


Selling points

  • Most interesting gem of a find - Maji Maji Square
  • Small art & craft market
  • Wonderful place
  • Shopping heaven
  • Nice service, friendly staffs
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No. 3-25, Jiuquan St, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, TaiWan 104

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Tips for you

  • Each Saturday and Sunday evening, musical groups perform in the square’s covered outdoor plaza. So come on out on a weekend afternoon, enjoy some browsing followed by a pleasant meal, then settle in for some soothing evening music.
  • Toilet is available.
  • At the entrance to Maji Maji, a selection of farmer's market stalls sells organic, locally sourced foods - ripened to perfection.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • Parking lot is available.


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There are many cool tiny restaurants.

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Maji Square is an amazing place to shop, to eat and to spend time with your friends or family. I have been there several times and this place never stops to entertain me. On weekends right next to the Maji Square they have a farmer's market and anyone who lives in Taipei should now that truly fresh and delicious food is not easy to find in some places in the city, thus Maji is a great place. On the Specialty Shop Walkway they also have a Maji Deli and Market which sells only locally grown food and locally made products. The Creative Market has many wonderful little shopping booths that sell items made my local artists. Prices are more higher than average, but you can get a unique item for what you are paying, thus it is really worth it. The Food Fair area features little stalls of just about anything, ranging from Thai snacks to kebabs to fish and chips. In the middle of the Maji Square there is an adorable merry-go-round that is for free and right across from it, there is a cute little cafe where parents can enjoy a cup of coffee and a dessert, while kids can put on tutu skirts and play tea time with cute little tea sets. For a meal there are many restaurants featured at the back of the square, some nights they also have live music and an outside bar area where you can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine with friends. Overall it is a great place to visit and would probably suit to any taste.

I only just discovered this place tonight, and I've been wondering what else I've been missing around Taipei all these years. I've even been nearby and never discovered this bit of awesomeness. The Maji Maji is similar in some ways to a high-end hawker centre in Singapore. There is a long line of food stalls, where they also play movies on the weekends for free, from about a dozen different countries. There's also a stage where a live band will play, and a cluster of decent restaurants towards the far end. Everything is sparkly new, well-decorated, and producing decent food. I say "decent" because it's still a tourist trap, so don't put your expectations too high. There are cool little boutiques selling everything from clothing to toys, and a couple of cool eateries and a deli. However, this place is a breath of fresh air in Taipei. It's a cosmopolitan, multicultural area that is best poster child for gentrification I can find. This was previously a bunch of crappy kiosks ripping off people going to a concert or sporting event. Now it's a little oasis of light and deliciousness. I will definitely be going back.

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