Mainit Falls

Attraction Romblon island, The Phillipines Published on: 13-11-2015

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Mainit Falls is one of the most beautiful and scenic falls located in Cebu, Phillippines. Even it’s quite tough to climb up the fall, it is well worth a try.

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Why Mainit Falls is special ?

Mainit Falls has three tiers where water cascades onto a pool where one can swim undisturbed. The lush greenery surrounding the falls provides a tranquil place for relaxation to the erstwhile visitor. Garing Falls is in Barangay Progreso Weste where one will find two lakes formed by the cascading waters of the falls. The first pool is small and shallow while the second is three fathoms deep and has a width-span of 15 meters. Tuburan Falls forms a natural resort with its seven major and minor falls in total. Limestone caves can be found within the four rock walls surrounding the area. Mineral springs and a cool breeze permeate and locals believe that a cave hidden near the falls will lead to “Cayatong” which legend says is the land of the fairies.

What to explore at Mainit Falls?

This fall is known as a new tourist destination for both local and tourists. Therefore, many activities and services are available for your trip:

- You can take time on taking part in canyoneering activity (An almost 30 feet high to rappel down)

- Just feel free to swim as long as possible. Water level is not so high so you can walk within the small area.

Selling points

  • Breathtaking Manit Falls
  • Beautiful nature
  • It’s time for swimming
  • Wonderful time for family gathering
  • You need to rent for a ladder to climb up the fall. It costs about 50 (around 1 usd).
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Romblon island, The Phillipines

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Tips for you

  • You need to rent for a ladder to climb up the fall. It costs about 50 (around 1 usd).
    What need to do
  • Wear comfortable shoes for you need to walk a bit
    What to wear
  • It doesn’t affect much if you go on rainy days.
  • It’s advisable to go early for you don’t need to avoid the crowds at lunch.
  • It trails in more or less 280 steps going down the falls, no sweat going down. It’s quite tricky but interesting.
  • Personal vehicle would be much convenient, there’s a parking space nearby Mainit (Hot) Spring.
  • Be careful when you swim. Don’t go so far. You will be needing one person to stay and keep an eye on your belongings — the person shall stay near the Mainit Hot Spring.
  • The entrance fee can change unexpectedly and the foreigners sometimes are charged more than the local.


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The falls are a great place to go and have some fun, swim in the water falls and relax with the beautiful surroundings, a must visit when in Tablas Island.

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Has hot springs where you can dip. Entrance fee is 15 pesos only

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