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Mai Khao Beach, combined with Nai Yang Beach to the south, is the longest stretch of sandy beach on the island, covering 9 km.

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Why Mai Khao Beach is special ?

Mai Khao Beach is situated on the northwest coast of Phuket this 11km, straight beach is still blessedly undeveloped as it is part of the Sirinat National Park and the only significant constructions along it are the JW Marriott Phuket Resort and Phuket International Airport near Nai Yang Beach. 'Mai Khao' means white wood in English and maybe this is a local joke because there are certainly no white trees along this beach! The sand is a little coarse, perhaps the coarsest in Phuket, but this is splendid isolation at its best and you can walk for kilometres without seeing anyone at all.

What to explore at Mai Khao Beach?

The beach area from Nai Yang to Sarasin bridge which includes Mai Khao is part of Sirinat National Park, the undeveloped areas you will still see many plants and wildlife including rare species of birds lizards snakes fish and marine life

Go around along beach, shopping at turtle village is the main thing, not much place to shop in this area. If you want shopping and entertainment, Mai Khao beach if definately not for you unless you are willing to travel about 1 hour each way. Patong or one of the other beaches south of the airport is more suitable for such activities. Being in the north and most undeveloped part of the island Mai Khao is a great place to stay if you like nature and long walks on the beach or just relaxing. The sea here is not safe for swimming in low season between May-November. The best time for calm seas is around January. This is also one of the the busiest months and it's a good idea to book well in advance.

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Selling points

  • Wonder of nature
  • A beach all to yourself
  • Like your own private beach
  • Long stretch of empty beach
  • Perfect for couples who like some privacy
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Tips for you

  • Turtle Village, which has some clothing shops, restos, bar and a supermarket so you can buy daily stuff from there.
  • There are no bars as such in Mai Khao but any restaurant serves a good range of drinks although most are expensive. Most local shops provide tables in their forecourt where you can relax with a cold beer and chat with the locals.
  • The surf is a little rough, so if you are not a good swimmer, stay on the beach.
  • Do not ignore the red flags and signs for no swimming
  • November till Feb are best time to visit.
  • Between the months of May and November swimming is not such a good idea as the shore tends to drop of into the Andaman Sea rather suddenly
  • Be aware that the beach is not always in pristine condition as some people tend to leave their rubbish lying around instead of taking all their crap back with them when they leave
  • Be careful with kids, the waves are not high and the sea was usually calm but it becomes very deep only a few meters from the shore
  • The beach very close to the airport and quite easy to get by take taxi or rent tuk tuk


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I am traveling with a few girlfriends and we wanted to get away from the crowded beaches that we have at home (LA area). This was heaven. There are only a few resorts, almost no beach restaurants and lots and lots of open beach. We poped in to Sala Resort for lunch on thier open bar and used their facilities - it was a perfect place to really unwind and not worry about being hasseled by the normal stuff that happens at the more crowded popular tourist beaches down by Patong. Be warned, if you are in Patong or Phuket Town, it is a long way up to Mai Khao, but so very worth it!

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