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Attraction Rama IV Road, Pathumwan Published on: 17-06-2016

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Lumpini Park is surrounded by the upscale Sathorn, Ratchadamri, Wireless and Rama IV roads and is accessible from Silom MRT station, Lumpini MRT station or Sala Daeng BTS station.

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Why Lumpini Park is special ?

Lumpini Park is an inner-city haven of tranquility, fresh air and shade - offering city dwellers the perfect connection to nature. Named after the birthplace of the Lord Buddha in Nepal, the park is more than half a million square kilometres big, and the habitat of various flora and fauna. Historically, it dates back to the 1920s and was set to be an exhibition centre for Thai crafts and flower displays. Although this original vision was never fulfilled, Lumpini Park has over the years grown into the endearing centre for outdoor leisure activities for Bangkokians, who would convene before and after sunset to enjoy a round of jog, light workout, aerobics and a host of other recreational activities.

What to explore at Lumpini Park?

The ‘Green Lung’ of Bangkok

Lumpini Park appeals to people of all ages today, from wise elders practicing tai chi, sweethearts lounging by the lakeside, to nine-to-five workers craving fresh air and physical exercise - and every other shade in between. The park is home to ever rarer indigenous flora, a forest park, and some quirky residents like the water monitor lizards... Looming beyond the immediate green, glimmering city skyscrapers punctuate the scene.

A bright and early morning stride or at dusk is the best time to go see grown-ups at play. On weekends, the space is animated by families and the cheery sounds of children. Some of the colourful recreational pursuits at the park include rowing, paddleboats, and a fun outdoor gym.

Recreation for All Ages

Before sunset you can sweat it out at free open-air aerobics sessions to high-energy techno tunes. There is also a basketball court if you want to shoot some hoops. Often, local jazz outfits or even a classical orchestra make for fine (and free) late Sunday afternoon entertainment. Mats can be hired for 30 baht, and light snacks are readily available from the closest hawker’s stall.

The gardens are, however, spacious enough to allow a contemplative moment. A place unlike any other in Bangkok, you can kick off your shoes and let your feet touch the cool, morning-dewed grass. Watch (or join) the local fitness fundis in their various attempts to get the blood flowing - from jogging, cycling and stretching, to fencing, tai chi, yoga and ballroom dancing under a pavilion.

Beware, It’s a Jungle Out there

If a leisurely stroll is more your style, just follow the maze-like pathways and let nature do its magic. There are also more sheltered niches, where you could read a book, meditate or have a picnic. While the young and boisterous can go climbing jungle gyms, ride the seesaw or play on the swings, it is just as easy to catch a nap in one of the shady dens surrounded by trees and refreshing foliage. Don't be alarmed if you come across some of the park's permanent 'inhabitants'...

Slinky reptiles, about the size of teenage crocodiles, surreptitiously wading out of the pond to sunbathe, squirrels doing acrobatics in the treetops, palm-sized mollusks making pilgrimage across the lawn - these are a few of God's creatures you might encounter on a visit to the park. Not quite what you'd expect to find in a metropolis of this magnitude, regard them as urban survivors of ancient Siam.

Note that while the aforementioned reptile, known as the water monitor lizard, might not be of the man-eating variety, it is advisable not to hand-feed him either!

From Street Cuisine to Weekend Food Market

On the subject of food, Lumpini Park never fails to impress. Apart from food vendors camped outside the gates near the Rama VI statue, cooking up some tasty variations of 'pad thai' (a Thai noodle dish) and ‘jim joom’ (meat and vegetable hot pot), the weekend fresh market is where you will find a lineup of market stalls selling everything from fresh seafood to fruits and vegetables to ready-to-eat Chinese grubs like deep-fried turnips and vegetable patties. And if you're up for a chlorophyll fix, try the wheatgrass juice - a local contribution to the detox industry.


How to get to Lumpini Park?

Lumpini is situated perfectly, framed by the roads Rama IV and Ratchadamri, (south and west) as well as Sarasin and Wireless (east and north, respectively). It is within a short walking distance to both Lumpini and Silom underground (MRT) stations.

MRT Subway Silom or Lumphini Stations will drop you right opposite the park.

Selling points

  • Green in the midst of BKK Bustle
  • Great place to enjoy greenery in the city
  • A Great Oasis in Bangkok
  • A good park in a great location.
  • Big open area with lovely lake!
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Rama IV Road, Pathumwan

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Tips for you

  • You can also hire a small boat and just paddle aimlessly around in the huge pond they have untill your time is up.
  • Cyclists need to stick to the (amble) cycle paths, and not use the pedestrian ones!
  • Keep eye on your babies, the crowds are big enough to carry them away!
  • Don't forget to check out the monitor lizards. They could be either be slithering along the waterside or be climbing up the huge trees to take a nap!
    What to see


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This 142-acre park is where you can have a relaxing walk, have picnics, go to playgrounds, and do some boating (on its artificial lake). A non-smoking area. Near the MRT Lumphini and Si Lom Station.

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See the park from a paddle boat (40 THB per 30 min) and greet the giant lizards that casually stroll across the grass lawns and spend the heat of the day swimming in the lake in the parks center.

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Jogging, Fitness

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เทศกาลดนตรีในสวนในช่วงฤดูหนาวเดือนธันวาคมถึงเดือนกุมภาพันธ์ บรรเลงโดยวงดุริยางค์ซิมโฟนีกรุงเทพ (Bangkok Symphony Orchestra - BSO) เพลงหลากหลายแนวที่คุ้นหู ปูเสื่อฟังสบายๆ ไม่เสียค่าใช้จ่าย

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We were so happy to discover Lumphini Park close by our hotel, the Oriental Residences. The park is a star attraction for local walkers, tai chi and yoga classes and some days zumba. It also has a range of adult exercise equipment and a centre for the elderly and a couple of gyms. A circuit of the park walking takes under an hour and there were many, many locals there every day as well as some foreigners.The park was apparently a gift to the people of Bangkok from the king and it is certainly appreciated by the many daily users, including a number of groups having daily picnic breakfasts. We loved the fact that at 8am the national anthem is played and everybody stops what they are doing for its duration.There is playground equipment in the park and paddle boats on its lake. A great place to visit for some exercise and to see where the fit Thais exercise. It's also full of beautiful tropical plantings.

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Very large park with several small ponds full of fish, turtles and large lizards. A great place to unwind and sit under a shaded tree to watch the birds and lizards, the locals and the young people playing their style of volley ball using only their feet.We had our two grandchildren with us and they could not get over the numbers, size and action of the lizards

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Nice and relatively quiet place in the middle of Bangkok, there's small paths and pavements to follow. We saw some Komodo Varans as well. Yuo will have some nice views of the city from the park.

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I go here most mornings for a walk to clear my head before my day starts. Bangkok can be a mad place and very busy but as soon as you step into this park a peace and tranquility descends upon you. Great place to go and clear your head. If you go in the morning you will see alot of older people practicing Tai Chi and in the evenings hundreds of younger people literally dancing in the street. Watch out for the Lizards

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nice sunday evening☺

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