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Attraction Lovina Beach, Buleleng City, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Lovina Beach is one of the well-known tourist areas in the north part of Bali which has stunning of seadside, blackish chromatic sand and playful dolphins.

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Why Lovina Beach is special ?

Lovina Beach is a laid back 12 km stretch of coast to the West of Singaraja in North Bali. It is a welcome break from the bustle of the South. These days the mix of tourists is mainly families and couples rather than the backpackers of yesteryear. It is comprised of several narrow stretches of black volcanic sand. Lovina, like most of Bali, fills up with tourists from all over the world in August and Australians at Christmas.

One might think that "Love" and "Ina" should be read as short for "Love Indonesia". This was not, however, the intention of Panji Tisna. The term "INA" stands for the Indonesian contingent or group of athletes for the Asian Games 1963. Lovina, however, was founded in 1953. According to Panji Tisna, “Lovina” has a philosophical meaning, it is a mixture of the two-syllable words "Love" and "Ina". The word "Love" from English and "Ina", which is a Balinese word meaning "Mother". The meaning of "Lovina", according to Anak Agung Panji Tisna, therefore is literally "Love Mom" or more symbolically; "Love Mother Earth".

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What to explore at Lovina Beach?

Walking on the beach is surely the easiest thing you can do in Lovina. There is a paved beach path runs along the sand in Lovina, that greatly eases a beach stroll. The best beach areas include the main beach east of the Dolphin Monument as well as the curving stretch a bit west. The cluster of cheap hotels in Anturan also provides a good beach. There are many other decent swaths of sand in the area.

Dolphin watching is popular activity in Lovina. It starts early in the morning before sunrise. It is better for you to buy a ticket the day before. But if you have a problem in getting up early, a dolphin show and “swimming with dolphin” package at Melka Excelsior Hotel can be a good alternative.

Scuba diving is also an excellent choice of activity here. diving on the local reef is better at lower depths and night diving is particularly recommended. As for snorkeling, Lovina has generally clear water and some parts of the reef are quite good for snorkeling. The best place is to the west, a few-hundred meters offshore from Billibo Beach Cottages.

Source: http://www.baliwww.com

How to get to Lovina Beach?

You can easily get to Lovina by bus from all parts of Bali, but it is a long ride from the East or South. Bemo’s are the local public transport buses and they ply all the local routes. Again it is much easier to hire a driver and car for any longer journey. You can travel from Kuta in less than 3hrs and from the airport or Sanur in about 2.30hrs.

Source: http://www.lovina.net/

Selling points

  • Go dolphin watching
  • A Different beach
  • Lovely Lovina
  • “Playing hide and seek with the dolphins in sea
  • Beachside experience
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Lovina Beach, Buleleng City, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Try to go early to view the sunset.
  • The Lovina area contains the small villages (from east to west) of Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan, Banyualit, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus. It is becoming more popular with tourists but remains far quieter than the tourist hotspots of the island's south side.
  • If you go swimming for long time in Lovina beach, you can find your skin has a layer of salt crystal. So be careful and try to not swim for a long time.
  • It's good for a paddle in a kayak or stroll along the waterfront.
    Things to do
  • For watching dolphin at 3 a.m, you can do it by tour or ask the local to have better deal.
    Things to do
  • Some people trying to ask you to buy their items. Sometimes, they always keep asking even though you have refused to buy and it can be a little bit annoyed.


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It kills me to read such negative reviews of Lovina, written by people whose own countries have such a hypocritical approach to waste. Sure, there are plastic bags a many. And sure they have an immediate impact on the senses of people accustomed to recycling waste etc. But it strikes me that its the same countries that sell coal to bali for the electricity consumed in spas and pools and bars and etc that such critics come from. The answer is simple - local people don't buy plastic bottles of water, so take every plastic bottle home in your bag, they won't blow your baggage allowance and they will remove them from the waste that so offends. etc etc. People in Lovina are generous, beautiful and incredibly clean! And remember that their wages are the lowest in SE Asia, indeed lowest in the world! So get perspective, please. Dolphins. Take a boat trip solely to be on the water at sunrise time. Don't blame locals for giving you what so many want - to see jumping dolphins up close. You think they just jump out of the water by your 'special' boat. No! Take a walk off the main drag and explore local villages, meet local people and respect that they are being swamped by tourists with more to spend in a day than they earn in a year. Namiste

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