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Jeju Loveland (제주러브랜드) (also known as Love Land) is an outdoor sculpture park which opened in 2004 on Jeju Island in South Korea. Itis focused on a theme of sex

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Why Loveland is special ?

Jeju Loveland (제주러브랜드) (also known as Love Land) is an outdoor sculpture park which opened in 2004 on Jeju Island in South Korea. The park is focused on a theme of sex, running sex education films, and featuring 140 sculptures representing humans in various sexual positions. It also has other elements such as large phallus statues, stone labia, and hands-on exhibits such as a “masturbation-cycle.” The park’s website describes the location as, “a place where love oriented art and eroticism meet.”

It was the first such museum in Korea at that time. The spacious park (39,667m²) is home to over 140 sculptures (40 within the gallery and 100 outside). The park as a whole looks like a piece of land art.

What to explore at Loveland?

Jeju Love Land is open every day. It usually takes 30-40 minutes to look around the park. Jeju Love Land houses a glass-dome restaurant, an outdoor café, an art shop, and various works which visitors can touch. Jeju Love Land is an attractive place where art and eroticism meet in cool, fun, humorous styles.

if you already are familiar with your partner and sex in general .Jeju Loveland might be a good refresher course as the photos in the gallery amply demonstrate.

The island itself is a favorite destination for honeymooners, thanks to its beautiful mountains and beaches. This theme park is certainly not Jeju Island's main attraction, but if you are visiting, it looks like fun and the island also became known for being a center of sex education.

How to get to Loveland?

10min from the Jeju International Airport

Take the bus bound for Chuksanjinheungwon >> Get off at Dokkabi Road

Selling points

  • Open-minded, for adults only, lots of fun
  • Unique and special place
  • General introduction to sex in views of culture, science and arts
  • Worth the price of Admission
  • Nice to see and touch :-)
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680-26, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea

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Tips for you

  • There are Wheelchair free rental service, wheelchair ramp, restrooms, parking spaces available for the Handicapped
  • Visitors should be at least 18 years old, and a separate play area is available for minors while adults visit.


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An adult themepark that becomes very well known, fun to see

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