Long Son Pagoda

Attraction Phat Hoa, Phuong Son, Nha Trang Published on: 04-03-2016

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Long Son Pagoda is the largest Pagoda in Vietnam. It is the well-known sites in Nha Trang. A huge white Buddha Statue is the most outstanding feature in Long Son

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Why Long Son Pagoda is special ?

Long Son Pagoda is a popular tourist destination and buzzes with activity. The central building is not exceptional, the main feature instead being the large White Buddha sitting on top of the hill. There are 150 steps to the top, but around the half way point, take a break with the 14m long sleeping Buddha.

The new Long Son Pagoda is now the largest pagoda in Vietnam. It is dedicated to Buddhist monks and nuns who set themselves on fires to protest Diem regime. On the hilltop behind the pagoda, there is a huge Buddha seated on a blossoming lotus, symbol of perfection and purity.

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What to explore at Long Son Pagoda?

From the Long Son Pagoda, there is a large road leading to Hai Duc Pagoda along the crest of the hill, where there is a large white concrete statue of Gautama Buddha. The statue was built on the site of the original temple and the statue was cast in 1964 before being installed the following year, under the auspices of Thích Đức Minh, who was the Head of the Buddhist Association of Khanh Hoa Province. The sculpture of the statue was by Kim Điền. From the ground level, the statues is up to 24 m, and from the base of the statue, it is 21 m. The figure of the Buddha is 14 m while the lotus blossom measures 7 m. Around the Buddha statue are statues of seven arahants. In front of the statue lies a pair of dragons, which are 7.20 m long each. The statue is visible from afar as one enters the city, from either the national highway or by train.

NOTE: There’s a persistent scam here, where visitors are approached by children (and occasionally older people) with pre-printed name badges claiming to work for the monks. After showing you around the pagoda, whether invited to or not, they will then demand money ‘for the monks’ or, if that fails, insist that you buy postcards for 200,000d. The best course of action is to firmly let them know you don’t require their services when they first appear. If they persist, tell them you’re not going to give them any money. If you do want to make a contribution towards the upkeep of the complex, leave it in the donation boxes as you would in any other pagoda.

Source: visitwonders.com

How to get to Long Son Pagoda?

The pagoda is located about 400m west of the train station, just off Ð 23 Thang 10.

Selling points

  • “Must see when in nha trang”
  • “Worth your effort to visit”
  • “awe inspiring buddha”
  • “Very picturesque - but beware of scammers!”
  • “Stunning and spiritual experience”
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Phat Hoa, Phuong Son, Nha Trang

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Tips for you

  • At the ground level ther is a nice temple, where you can sometimes follow a ceremony and a lot of people are doing offerings. Half way there is a lying Buddha, which is huge. There's also a small pagoda with a large bell inside. It is quite a climb to the top, but it is worth the effort, the sitting Buddha over there is bright white and has a very impressive size.
    What to see
  • Wear longer shorts or pants and bring a wrap if you are in a tank top.
  • If you can't climb up, drive to the top. Turn right after the gate to the pagoda.
  • Lots of beggars and hawkers around the place. Avoid accepting incense unless you are prepared to pay for it.
  • Not to walk into the living areas towards the beach on top of the hill as the locals tend to be a little touchy with so may visitors trying to tramp through their yards.
    Things to do


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We went to see the buddha pagoda today, we got off the taxi feeling happy as could see the pagoda from afar and knew we were in for a treat. As soon as we walked in a young girl approached us and asked us to buy some incense sticks for good luck...as i have traveled a few places i knew not to buy anything from people selling at the gate, so i politely refused. We were then approached by a man who followed us as we walked up, asking us questions about where we are from ect...which is standard here, we had a feeling he was going to rip us off in some way so tried to shrug him off and speeded up to loose him, but he followed us, we then got to the first platform and he offered us a incense stick and advised us to light it inside, as we walked pass the entrance we noticed that there were incense sticks for all visitors free, and this is clearly sign posted...they are free for all. When we came out he was there waiting for us. He continued walking with us(which was very uncomfortable as me and my partner wanted time alone to walk around) he then started telling us he lives there and is a student and how there is no entrance fee to get in here. Just as we got to the final stair case to see the buddha, he stopped and said we had to buy a pack of post cards for 200,000dong, we said we didnt want them and are happy to give him a donation, he then got very aggressive and we basically said no to him and walk up the stairs away from him, he then swore at us and shouted something too. I was so angry that he did this, here of all places...so disappointed, i then saw a russian couple who were also walking around with a young vietnamise lad, i tried to warn her, but not sure if she understood me. Even along the stairs up to the buddha there are people begging.....this is meant to be a peaceful place, of meditation and relaxation and beauty, i was so sressed, angry and overall just upset at all that happen to usm, i did not appreciate the pagoda for what it is when i got there. So disappoined......someone needs to do something about this, i would rather pay a entrance fee and not get hasselled and conned!!

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