Loboc River Cruise

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
A River Cruise on the Loboc River is one of the "MUST DOs" while you are on vacation on Bohol. This is true both for local and for foreign tourists.

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Why Loboc River Cruise is special ?

The Loboc River is a river in the Bohol province of the Philippines. It's a very popular destination because more than its floating restaurants and their food, one will be treated with the magnificent and breathtaking view of the Loboc River and its surroundings. The very clean river is complemented with green landscapes and tall coconut trees against a backdrop of a forest.

There are two choices fo the river cruise. One is via a banca(canoe) where boatmen will take you to the cascading mini waterfall of Busay. Another, which is more popular, is boarding the floating restaurant new the Loay bridge where they are stationed.

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What to explore at Loboc River Cruise?

The Loboc River Cruise offers visitors to experience the beauty and serenity in the most beautiful section of the river that runs through Loboc. Cruises start near the historic Loboc Church at the town proper where many boats are docked and different stores and restaurants line up the riverside.

A typical tour along the Loboc River usually starts with a buffet ala "All You Can Eat" on one of the Floating Restaurants and is followed by a 1 hour cruise up and down the Loboc River. The boat will turn around at some small waterfalls where it can not go any further. Somewhere during the cruise they will stop at a small jetty along the river and some locals will provide a culture show for their guests.

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How to get to Loboc River Cruise?

Loboc is about 30 minutes ride from the city of Tagbilaran. You can take any bus or jeepney from Tagbilaran to Loboc.

Selling points

  • Great food, A lot to choose from
  • Get a taste of Bohol's best
  • Good to watch and try an authentic Filipino experience
  • Enjoying the beautiful rivers of Loboc
  • Nice place/river choose to relax
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Tips for you

  • There's a row of different restaurants for you to choose. Each restaurant will show their lunch menu and you can choose one of them.
    What to know
  • You can also do a Loboc River Night Cruise, but it's best to contact the Loboc Tourism Office to get information about it.
    What to know
  • There is a stop to watch a musical performance - quite heartwarming to see locals of all ages from grandparents to little kids performing their hearts out. Make sure to have some cash to put in the tip box.
    What to see
  • The Loboc church lies adjacent to the Loboc River, close to a concrete bridge to nowhere that has become a monument to wasteful planning and corruption in Bohol.
    Things nearby
  • You should be there on time, as the food is limited, and no more refilling once the boat sails away.
  • You can opt to go for a motorized banca for 800 php(negotiable). The boat owner will let you go near the falls, go down the boat and play in the water.
    Things to do
  • While cruising and eating your sumptous buffet, a band will serenade you. You are also invited to sing if you like to.
    Things to do
  • If you are lucky, the boat may stop at a tribal community along the banks of the river (not all boats stop here). You will be welcomed by the music of the Ati Tribe of Bohol.
    Things to do


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This is one of my favorite activities in the countryside tour. Although the price is a bit expensive (450 Php, an hour cruise with buffet), this is a must try. I didn't really enjoy the food in the boat but I felt very satisfied with the cruise itself. I think it was very lovely especially there were singers who sang good songs and it was so relaxing and enjoying. At that time, all we did was just enjoy the forest-view while trying to sing with the songs. There were also some stopovers where locals sing and dance for the guests. It was raining when we had the cruise but we didn't mind because the whole cruise was a great experience.

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This cruise may not be all you expect, but if you set your expectations correctly it's still an enjoyable experience. Enjoy the trip upstream and the dancers who perform for you at a landing up-river.

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