Liulichang Culture Street

Attraction Hepingmenwai, Xicheng District, Beijing 100051, China Published on: 08-08-2016

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Liulichang Culture Street is a famous street in Beijing that is known for a series of traditional Chinese houses selling various craftwork, artistry, and antiques.

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Why Liulichang Culture Street is special ?

The Liulichang (Factory of Colored Glaze) Cultural Street is a must-go place when travelling in Beijing if you are interested in curios, calligraphy, painting, jade, and other traditional artworks.

It is one of the most well-known traditional business streets in Beijing City, which is famous for the 4 treasures of the Chinese study (writing and painting brushes, ink sticks, paper for traditional calligraphy and painting, and ink slabs), antiques, calligraphy, paintings and so on.

Starting from Yanshousi Street in the east, Liuxiang Alley in the west, and South Xinhua Street in the middle, the Liulichang Street is comprised of around 100 shops on both sides of the street with assorted treasures for you to explore.


What to explore at Liulichang Culture Street?

There are many famous old stores at Liulichang Antiques Street including Huai Yin Shan House, the Old Art House, Rui Cheng House, Cui Wen Garret, Yi De Garret, LI Fishou Pen Store as well as China Book Store---- the largest old book store in China.

Besides, on the west of Liulichang Antiques Street are three book bureaus---- the Business Book Printing Hall, China Book Bureau and the World Book Bureau. Among them, Rong Bao House is the most famous old store.

Some people say Liulichang Antiques Street is famous for these well known old cultural stores such as Rong Bao House, which quite makes sense. Rong Bao House was first called Pine and Bamboo House and then changed by the emperor of the late Qing dynasty, Guangxu. The new name means to make friends based on literary works and that having a good reputation is means owning a priceless treasure.

At the end of Qing dynasty, many famous poets, writers and artists such as You Ren (a famous calligrapher),Zhang Daqian, Wu Chang Shuo and Qi Baishi (famous painters in China) usually visit here.

The most famous things in Rong Bao House are the water printing on wooden board and the copies of the famous works. The technology of water printing on wooden board combines carving, printing, folding and cutting which make the art of water printing more perfect.


How to get to Liulichang Culture Street?

Subway:Subway Line 2: get off at Hepingmen Station, get out of the station from Exit D1 or D2 (southwest exit), and walk south for 500 meters.

Bus Route:Take bus 7, 14, 15, 66 and get off at Liulichang Station.


Selling points

  • Long history and rich cultural atmosphere.
  • One of Beijing's traditional old quarters.
  • Series of traditional Chinese housing
  • Various craftwork, artistry, and antiques.
  • Many famous old stores
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Hepingmenwai, Xicheng District, Beijing 100051, China

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Tips for you

  • There's a small train that moves on a rail in the middle of the street
  • If you're here for the shopping, come during the day. Otherwise, visit the street at night, as it is beautifully alluminated.
  • The kids need to be carefull for the glass and antiques but it is safe for them to stay outside.
  • The staff in the shops were courteous and not pushy for business
  • If you want to collect some ancient chinese coins and antiques, this is a very good place to visit.


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We had a nice time walking through all the shops. There are definitely some antiques but you have to know how to find them. Here is a good website to find it. The kids need to be carefull for the glass and antiques but it is safe for them to stay outside. They can even modify the puppets so you can use them for very cheap!

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One of our favorite afternoons in Beijing - bookstores, galleries, tea house, Cathay Book Shop for art supplies... we loved every minute. Gorgeous architecture. Wish I had the name of the tea house - it's on the corner of Liulichang and the main road, it's upstairs, and they had fabulous tea at really reasonable prices - wish we had bought more tea here.

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Liulichang Street is heaven for browsers of antiques and Chinese collectables.There are more original pieces to be found than people might think. It's also the location of a small studio for one of the best inside snuff bottle painters in the world. Painter Xu Bu has a small area at the front of one of the shops and also sells works by his father Xu PengQi. Both are among the world's best and knock the usual tourist stuff into the background. Xu Bu's works are now in the private collections of people such as HM Queen Elizabeth II, Presidents Clinton and Obama and many others.

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