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Attraction No.1 Fayun Alley, Lingyin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou 310013, China Published on: 30-08-2016

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Lingyin Temple, or Temple of the Soul's Retreat, got it name from its tranquil surroundings. Sheltered by forested hills on three sides, the temple is a quiet and sheltered sanctuary.

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Why Lingyin Temple is special ?

Lingyin Temple, or Temple of the Soul's Retreat, got it name from its tranquil surroundings. Sheltered by forested hills on three sides, the temple is a quiet and sheltered sanctuary (when it is not thronged by visitors). Lingyin (Hidden Spirit) Temple is one of the largest and most visited Buddhist temples in China and holds the largest statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni in the lotus position.

It was built in 328 AD by the Indian Monk Huili. It prospered and flourished during the Five Dynasties Period (907-960) when there were 9 buildings, 18 towers, 72 halls with 1,300 ROOMS and more than 3,000 monks. Over history, the temple has been damaged and undergone renovation several times. It has recently been rebuilt in its original style.


What to explore at Lingyin Temple?

The main temple seen today on a visit is the result of renovations that took place in 1974. Visitors will find a tablet in the first hall, also known as the Hall of the Heavenly Kings and the main entrance to the temple area. The tablet has inscriptions from the mouth of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. He fell so in love with the temple and its surroundings that he called it “Cloud Forest Buddhist Temple.” The hall with its elegant and impressive double eaves and many more details also includes an image of what is known as the Four Heavenly Kings on either side of an immense statue of a laughing Buddha with a jolly belly. He brims with joy at all those who enter. The hall is also fantastically painted with sophisticated phoenixes and dragons of all kinds.

Lingyin Temple, The Hall of the Great Hero is across the courtyard. It is a single story construction also boasting double eaves on the roof. Although it is just 1 story, it stands at 33.6 meters tall, making it one of the tallest of its kind in China. Visitors will find a statue of Sakyamuni, also known as Buddha himself. The work is made of 24 sections of camphor wood and stands as tall as about 15 humans. It is one of the most immense wooden statues in the country, not to mention it is also coated in gold leaf. Twenty saints said to be the protectors of justice surround Sakyamuni.

Other distinctive parts of the temple to experience are the Grand Hall of the Great Sage, Hall of the Medicine Buddha, Sutra Library built in the years 2000-2002, Huayan Hall, and the Hall of the Five Hundred Arhats with an interesting floor layout shaped like a Buddhist swastika lined with indeed 500 arhats.

In modern times today, Lingyin Temple continues to be a place of refuge for worshippers as well as a site for tourism. The environment of the Wuling Mountains add additional allure to the destination and the entire scenic area now includes various historic constructions, artwork, pagodas, pavilions, bridges, and statues of the religious persuasion. Nearby are the Feilai Feng grottoes, also known as Flying Peak, where to be found are a number of Buddhist carvings and statues created directly into the rocks.


How to get to Lingyin Temple?

Public Transportation

- From Hangzhou Railway (main) Train Station :

  • By bus: take the Y2 City Bus line to Ling Yin stop (about 12 stops), or the K7 bus line to Ling Yin Stop (about 15 stops).

- From Hangzhou (XiaoShan) Airport

There is a Shuttle Coach from the airport to Hangzhou Railway Station that leaves approximately every 30-40 minutes. From the trail station there are public buses and taxis available.


Selling points

  • “Peace of Mind”
  • “The Mountain of Temples”
  • “Large temple in a nice park”
  • “Peace your soul”
  • “Interesting temple in a beautiful area"
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No.1 Fayun Alley, Lingyin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou 310013, China

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Tips for you

  • At the weekend recommend arriving at 8.30 am as it does get very crowded.
  • Make sure to wear your comfy walking shoes
    What to wear
  • If you have extra time try and climb up the hills. You get an amazing view and see some pretty unique hide aways.
    Things to do
  • If you want to venture to the top of the mountains (large hills), you can take a cable car up and down (LONG wait to go up) or hike along the many trails.
    Things to do
  • Linyin Temple is a must-see destination for those tourists who worship Buddhism.
  • You can walk up if you are fit enough as it is quite a climb or take the gondola to the top,beautiful view over Hangzhou
  • If you leave the place at 6:00 p.m., the bus terminus is probably full of people and it may take you an hour to get on a bus. If you take the taxi of dark market, they charge you high.
  • To add a final memorable touch to your visit, make sure to dine at the Ling Yin Vegetarian Restaurant located near to the Temple.


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With a history of over 1700 years Lingyin Temple, or "Soul's Retreat Temple", is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Hangzhou. It appeals to tourists with tranquil atmosphere.

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Dongpo rou [email protected] vegetarian buddhist canteen inside the temple.

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What's a beautiful temple

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well preserved and lovely experience. A good bit of walking but with interest all the way. we had a great guide for the day - Forest

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A great tour around the garden where there are many buddhas located, and a tour round the temple made for a very enjoyable morning. We had a guide who was very knowledgable and spoke excellent English. This place is seriously old and was amazed by all the carvings into the rocks. Worth a visit.

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The many statues and the fantastic carvings in the caves and walls is spectacular. A must visit place if you are in the area. Try to pluck up the courage and walk across the stream on the rocks without falling in.

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Lingyin Temple is one of the most significant and beautiful Buddhist monasteries in China.The temple features a large number of grottos and religious rock carvings, the most famous of which is the Feilai Feng. The most eye-catching statue is the Statue of Maitreya Buddha, who is always laughing and showing his fat chest and big belly. which means His big belly can bear all that can not be bore in the world; His laughing is for laughing at the man who deserves being laughed on the earth. This life-like statue is the biggest one among all the statues of Fei Lai Feng Scenic Spot.

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If u are an intl student studying in china n the ticketing officer refused to give u half price, call and report it.. u will get the refund. It happened to me. Bravo zhejiang tourism board!

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