Lin Family Mansion and Garden

Attraction Lin Family Mansion and Garden Published on: 19-11-2015

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The best garden in northern Taiwan, Lin Family Gardens, used to be called "Lin Ben Yuan's Garden" or "Banqiao Resort". Lin Ben Yuan is not a person's name.

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Why Lin Family Mansion and Garden is special ?

The best garden in northern Taiwan, Lin Family Gardens, used to be called "Lin Ben Yuan's Garden" or "Banqiao Resort". Lin Ben Yuan is not a person's name. It represents the meaning of "remembering one's origin" when 2nd generation ancestor, Lin Pingho distributed property among his five sons. Among the five sons, only the 2nd and the 5th sons are Lin Pingho's blood descendents. Thus, the words of "Ben" and "Yuan" are used for commemoration. The Garden was built during 1888 to 1893 and it is the only classic garden as historical site. It is also the well-kept model building representing gardens and residences of Qing Dynasty. Its garden scenes are inspired by Chinese traditional gardens as well as the style of south of Yangtze.


What to explore at Lin Family Mansion and Garden?

Lin Family Gardens is admired as "the best garden in Taipei". Part of the construction materials and technicians came from Changzhou of China. The scale of construction was huge. Other than the garden and the architecture, a "three-section mansion" for 150 years old has been restored and presented to the public. The outer walls are covered with brick ornaments. There is delicate carving on the door, within the halls and on the poles supporting roof covers above front porch. There are unique windows of different styles. They are rare items in Taiwan and they fully reflect the beauty of Chinese traditional architecture.


How to get to Lin Family Mansion and Garden?

【 Transportation to the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden】

北門街站:Take bus No. 307, 310, or No. 9of Sanchong Bus Service. Get off at Beimen Street


林家花園站:Take bus No. 701,702,264, or Green No9. Get off at the stop of the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Mansion and Garden.

By MRT: Get off at Fujhong Station. Take Exit 3. The garden is around eight-minute walk from the MRT station.

By Train: Get off at Banciao Train Station. The garden is around twenty-minute walk from the train station.

Drive by yourself:

1. National Freeway No.3(2nd Northern Highway): Down Chung-Ho/Banciao Interchange → Banciao Wen-Hua Rd. → Turn Right to Min-Chuan Rd. → Turn Right to Kung-Kuan Rd. → Si-Men St.(Lin’s Garden is near.)

2. National Freeway No.1(Chung-Shan Highway): Down Wu-Ku Interchange → Provincial Highway No.2 → Turn Right to Szu-Yuan Rd. → Up Ta-Han Bridge → Turn Right to Wen-Hua Rd. → Turn Right to Min-Chuan Rd. → Turn Right to Kung-Kuan Rd. → Si-Men St.(Lin’s Garden is near.)

Additionally, you can also use these following ways to get there:


Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Wugu Interchange → Prov. Hwy 64 → Exit at the Banqiao Interchange → Sec. 3, Minsheng Rd. → Sec. 1, Wenhua Rd. → Minquan Rd. → Gongguan St.→ Lane 1, ZhongZheng Rd. → Simen St. → Lin Family Garden


THSR Banqiao Station (or TRA Banqiao Station) → MRT Fuzhong Station → exit at Exit No.3 and walk about 8 min to Lin Family Garden


Selling points

  • A Photographer's Dream in the Heart of New Taipei
  • A historical gem in a super modern city
  • The biggest still-preserved Chinese garden in Taipei metropolitan area!
  • A beautifully preserved part of Taiwan history
  • Lin An Tai Historical House: various architectural style
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Lin Family Mansion and Garden

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Tips for you

  • * Guided Tours in Foreign Languages * Now guided tours in Japanese and English are offered. Please reserve guided tours in foreign languages one week before your visit, so that they can arrange for a volunteer guide.
  • Cafe on the Square is located on the square of Ding-Jing Hall, the Cafe provides an ideal resting spot for visitors relax. It will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience to have a pot of oolong tea, a bowel of flour tea(only available in winter), a bottle of marble soda, or even the most popular coffee and cake! Business Hours : from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; closed on Mondays
  • 1.Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00. Closed on the 1st Monday of each month. (2015: 2/2, 3/2, 5/4, 6/1, 7/6, 8/3, 9/7, 10/5, 11/2, 12/7) 2.Chinese New Year's Eve (2/18) and Chinese New Year's Day (2/19). 3.From April 3, our garden will be open Friday night until 19:00 p. m.,even if it is a holiday.
  • * Regular Guided Tours * 1. From 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., free guided tours are offered on the regular schedule. The number of participants in a tour is limited to thirty. All visitors are welcomed. 2. The Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden consists of the mansion and the garden area. Since the mansion is still the private property, only the visitors on guided tours can enter the mansion.
  • Parking lots nearby: 1. 2nd Playground in Banciao 2. Fu-Chung Parking Tower 3. Private Parking Lot in Lin’s Garden
  • There are souvenir shop and cafe on the square have come into business in Ding Ging Hall. Souvenir Shop offers painting gifts and souvenirs that present the characteristic construction of the Ben-Yuan Lin’s Family Abode and Garden, such as penetrating windows and carving craft.


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Great view of history in Taipei. Free to your and enjoy the grounds. Good place for photos of the old style home and gardens. Surrounding neighborhood has nice little markets to wander through.

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“Beautiful Gardens, Free Admission” This place is absolutely beautiful. If you love courtyards and gardens (and history!), go to this place. It's free admission (or it was for me on a weekday?). There are plenty of things to take photos of. You can walk through in about 30 minutes, but I took it easy, read the signs telling about the history of the buildings/gardens/courtyards and was there for about an hour and 10 minutes. It's easy to get to from TRA line: ride to the Banqiao stop, go to the West Exit and turn right in the tunnel: Bus: take a left when the sign points you to the Bus station. When you get to the bus station, you want to take the 307. It comes every 10 minutes. That will get you a couple of blocks away. I suggest looking at Google Maps for the rest. (Street view is your friend) Walking: I chose to walk. It only took me 12 minutes to walk there. I went PAST the huge hallway and walked up the next set of stairs on the right (easily visible from the hallway). Walking up the stairs, you're facing North. At the top of the stairs you need to get to the sidewalk and go South toward the bus station. At the street (Xinf Rd), turn right. You'll come to a T and turn left (Sec. 1, Wenhua Rd). Then you take a right at the first stoplight (Minquan Rd). When you see a pedestrian bridge running parallel with the road you're on, turn left (you'll go under the bridge, Gonggu N St). That will take you all the way there. Use Google Street View to see what you're looking for (it's pretty hard to miss).

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