Lijiang Old Town

Attraction Gucheng, Lijiang, Yunnan China Published on: 17-09-2016

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The Lijiang Old Town, which is perfectly adapted to the uneven topography of this key commercial and strategic site, has retained a historic townscape of high quality and authenticity

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Why Lijiang Old Town is special ?

Lijiang old town is well –known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site was first built in the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty . This is a well-preserved old city of ethnic minorities with brilliant culture. The old town is famous for its orderly system of waterways, providing a very precious sample of the research on the old-time architecture.

It has about 380 bridges over the 3 streams that run through the town . It’s full of restaurants, shops, nightlife and flavours all around offering lots of retail, restaurants, inns and hotels . Espically, tourists can walk on 800 year old streets in this town, also

What to explore at Lijiang Old Town?

- A highlight was what seemed to be a Naxi women's singing and dancing competition in Square Street.

- You should go on high country walks and see the scenery and hike above the Yangtze River

- There was a few attractions really need to visit such as Lashi Lake where you can horse riding and boating,mountain climbing at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 100km to Tiger Leaping Gorge

- There are many authenic restaurant and the most famous is Yun Nam rice noodles and their steamboat.

- It has the interesting 'square' area at the old town entrance where older people dance and place music

- Lijiang Old Town transforms at night into a disco bar heaven for young adults. The shops are open until late and sell everything from local Yak toffee to Balinese (yes!) nik naks but it is colourful and bright and full of life. Plenty of street food on offer (Suzanne H,Bude, United Kingdom)

How to get to Lijiang Old Town?

From Dali:

By Bus:

Take bus from Tourist Bus Station near the South Gate of Dali Ancient Town. Buses depart from 07:50 to 17:00. Ticket Prices are CNY 62, 75 or 83. It takes around 2 to 4 hours. If arriving at Lijiang Express Bus Station, visitors can take bus no. 8, 11 or 16 and get off at Qixing Street Station. If arriving at Transport Service Center Bus Station, they can take bus no. 8 or 11 and get off at Qixing Street.

Take bus from Dali North Bus Station to Transport Service Center Bus Station and then use local buses to reach the old town.

By Train:

Take fast trains from Dali Railway Station. Train ticket prices are CNY 34 for a hard seat, CNY 69.5 for a hard sleeper and CNY 104. 5 for a soft sleeper. It takes around 1.5 to 2.5 hours. After arriving, use local public bus to reach the old town.

Selling points

  • Great Place to close the day
  • Amazing and incredibly beautiful, at the heart of China
  • A fairy tale town
  • Beautifully restored village
  • My favourite in China



Gucheng, Lijiang, Yunnan China

Plan a trip to Lijiang based on your personalized interests.

Tips for you

  • It’s enough but not clean . You should go to the second floor. They are cleaner. Dont forget ure own toilet paper.
  • The stores selling the silver products, shawl, clothes, flower cakes and various kinds of artifacts are spread along every street of the old town The shopping along the "SiFang Jie" the main market square of LiJiang had the cheapest stuff to the expensive stones If you are buying you must haggle
  • Pick up a free map at one of the numerous tourist offices dotted about the town
  • Restaurants usually have live music Enjoy some protein-rich Naxi cuisine The little restaurants tucked in the middle of miles of little streets offer some of the most authentic food that you can get (Tabwhelan ,Arlington, Virginia) If you want to eat it is cheaper and better to eat from a place near the main road which is separating the old and the new towns ( malik044 ,Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • Lijiang Old Town has many mid-range restaurants
  • The silk clothes, paintings, wood carvings, jade and other items can captivate you for weeks. (Tabwhelan ,Arlington, Virginia)
    What to wear
  • The cobblestones are slippery when they are wet, so please be careful when walking on them.
  • You should take along some warm clothes and ayou’d better bring with an umbrella if you arrive at summer.
    What to bring
  • If you want to experience the most beautiful scenery of Lijiang, April and May should be the best time for you to arrive there
  • You can Tailor-make a trip to Lijiang for you. Free inquiry. Clean water courses everywhere, running through most streets, (JoanCharlton,Scotland)
  • There is a lot of chinese tourits and some streets can be very crowded
  • Go to other nearby ancient areas such as Dali that is 3 hours south or to natural sites in the Three Parallel River UNESCO Heritage Site areas. The Leaping Tiger Gorge area is one of the UNESCO listed natural preserve sites
    Things nearby
  • To hike in the mountains, the best times are the month of May or in the fall. These months are outside of the annual rainy season that extends from June to September, and the temperatures at the lower elevations are cool or warm.
    What to know
  • It is also good that cars / motor / bikes are not allowed int he Old Town so it is just people all around.
  • This fee is used for protection fare
    Ticket and Pricing


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“Small-town atmosphere and slow pace of life” The Old town is very near the hotel we stayed in Lijang, so we spend about 15 minutes to walk along the side street to the old town. People in the town are not so much in March as we imaged. So we enjoy a whole afternoon by walking along the streets and lanes, and eating the local food even though the price is much higher in the old town. The stores selling the silver products, shawl, clothes, flower cakes and various kinds of artifacts are spread along every street of the old town. Bar, coffee house and the special snack shop are the best choice to the people. The songs from the bar spread in the whole town and also in many people’s heart. This is definitely a place you don’t want to leave after you go there. If you have enough time, stay several days in the Old Town of Lijing, your life may be change there.

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Plenty of shops and bars to walk around to. Very colorful and lively place. People are nice and helpful and they quite diff from the usual China people such as in Beijing. Must visit!

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