Lijiang Mural

Attraction Baisha Village, Baisha Country, Gucheng District, Lijiang 674101, China Published on: 17-09-2016

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  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Baisha Old Town is one of the oldest towns in Lijiang. It is the earliest settlement of the Naxi people and is the birthplace of "Tusi", chief of the Mu clan.

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Why Lijiang Mural is special ?

Lijiang Mural is the combination of Naxi, Tibetan, Bai and Han artistic designs. Most of the murals vividly describe the religious stories of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. One of its characteristics is combining several religious stories and having them in one painting. Therefore, the murals are quite unique from murals elsewhere , The mural will make you think a lot about hieroglyphics because it shows Naxi culture and the wisdom of Naxi people . There are so many great handmade Naxi embroideries in the institute and when you buy everything here, it will make you feel harmonious and comfortable.

What to explore at Lijiang Mural?

- You should see the beautiful construction, murals and the gorgeous inner garden, especially with the flowers blooming

- You can find that the scenery along the border is very attractive

- There are lots of murals which are products made by the best artists of Han(China) Tibetian and Naxi

How to get to Lijiang Mural?

Take bus number 6 from either Dayan or Shuhe. The bus stops in the town centre and the mural is just 5 mins walk from the bus-stop. Costs 1 RMB per person.

Selling points

  • Beautiful architecture
  • the mural and the baisha embroidery institute is amazing
  • 700 years Art and Culture
  • My favourite in China
  • Great place and must to see



Baisha Village, Baisha Country, Gucheng District, Lijiang 674101, China

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Tips for you

  • Lijiang Mural, visitors can view contents of Mahayana, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism in one single temple or even in one single mural.
    Things to do
  • You should take along some warm clothes and ayou’d better bring with an umbrella if you arrive at summer.
    What to bring
  • Lijiang Mural is a good and very unique place to take many pictures
  • In the temples in Baisha, taking photos is not allowed for these murals. In there, you can only see temples and other constructions. If you want to find the photos, you can ask the local people, I think they can help you
  • Visitors can go to Baisha Village to appreciate the murals.
  • It’s 10 kilometers (6miles) northwest of Lijiang Old Town
  • I recommend the baisha embroidery institute after visiting the murals. (chen Z)
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“700 years Art and Culture” About 700 years ago Naxi official become allied with China, want to learn from Chinese art, culture and religions, it's the beginning of mural painting, also about art, culture religion and people living style from all walk of life, combine the best artists of Han(China) Tibetian and Naxi, it's a way to understand the world at that time.

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