Lawkahteikpan Temple

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Lawkahteikpan is a small temple close to the large pagoda Shwesandaw and built by King Alaungsithu, the successor of Kyanzittha.

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Why Lawkahteikpan Temple is special ?

Lawkahteikpan is a small temple close to the large pagoda Shwesandaw and built by King Alaungsithu, the successor of Kyanzittha. Lawkahteikpan means "The adorned tip of the world".It has been one of Bagan's great constructions and the small temple was being decorated with pure jewels. The architectural style of the temple is typical for the intermediate period.

This temple was probably built around 1100, during the reign of Kyanzittha (r. 1084-1113). His plan consists of a porch opening onto a short hallway above the sanctuary proper, square in which is erected the image of worship. This image shows the Buddha sitting cross-legged in the lotus position and said touching the earth with his right hand, a gesture that refers to the moment when Gautama became 'buddha' (Buddha) or 'awake'. The image constructed of brick, and then stuccoed and painted, is erected on a high pedestal that allows clear circumambulation.


What to explore at Lawkahteikpan Temple?

It is the golden age of the mural. In spite of its modest size, this temple releases an impression of power and of majesty and the proportions come very close to perfection. The square sanctuary has three windows; its roof successive withdrawals supports a square tower, the structure and the rounded silhouette is inspired by an Indian model, Sikhara. Four turrets, largely restored, are asked angles successive withdrawals. The three windows are surrounded by a double porch with lobed arches support a row of increasing size tabs. The walls rest on a molded base. The entire monument has been covered with a layer of stucco today largely destroyed. Inside the temple, anyone can be surprised by the unit between so harmonious architecture outside and paintings. Many wall painting scenes of jatakas aiming at giving a strong visual impression can found. The choice of the colours is limited, only dark blue, red and white are dominating.


How to get to Lawkahteikpan Temple?

Lawkahteikpan is close to the large pagoda Shwesandaw temple which can be reached by various means of transport in Bagan. Taxi and horse cart is also available at the Nyaung U Airport to take you there.

Selling points

  • “The adorned tip of the world"
  • The golden age of the mural.
  • An impression of power and of majesty
  • Harmonious architecture outside and paintings
  • Many wall painting scenes of jatakas
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Lawkahteikpan Temple is called as the adorned tip of the world. In fact, the temple was very beautiful and impressive. Its architecture was at the golden age of the mural. We love the harmonious structures outside and many interesting paintings. All the wall was full of scences of jatakas that is the treasure maintained over time. It’s a gem of bagan. You should spen some time here.

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