Lashi Lake

Attraction 10 km West of Lijiang, Lijiang 674107, China Published on: 15-09-2016

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Lashi Lake or the National Wetland Park is the first Wetland nature reserve in Yunnan Province. It is a paradise for migrant birds and thousands of them stay here over winter every year. It is also the origin of the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

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Why Lashi Lake is special ?

Covering an area of 5330 hectares, Lashi Lake is a paradise for birds. There are about 57 bird species at Lashi Lake Wetland, and every year, about 30,000 birds migrate there to escape winter cold. There are 9 rare species have been found there, including black-neck cranes and black cranes.

With its rich environment, the watershed of Lashi Lake is covered with dense virgin forests, an extensive plateau lake and marsh where the Naxi and Yi ethnic groups have lived in harmony with diverse wild creatures for millennia. Excellent natural conditions have made the area so prosperous, noted as a “rich and popular land flowing with milk and honey” and a “heaven for migratory birds”.

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What to explore at Lashi Lake?

Boating is the most relaxing way for sightseeing and bird watching. Visitors can rent boats and pedal by themselves. Horse riding or biking around the lake are also very good choices. Early morning and at dawn are the times when the lake is the most beautifu.


Riding to experience the Ancient Tea and Horse Road is the other must-try activity to get close to the local special culture. Presently, only a small section of this old road is available for traveling. Visitors will pass some Naxi villages, virgin forest, the Beauty Spring (Mei Quan), the Holy Well Source, the Cliff Dying for Love and the Seven Fairies Lake.

In addition to these popular activities, the local Zhiyun Temple, a quiet place without crowds, is a great option for travelers. The temple is located to the north of the Lashi Lake

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How to get to Lashi Lake?

From Lijiang Ancient Town, hiring a car to Lashi Lake is highly recommended. The car journey takes about 30 minutes and the fare is around CNY30.

Mini buses are available from Zhongyi Market to the south and north banks of Lashi Lake and the fare is CNY4 to CNY5.

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Selling points

  • Simply peaceful, tranquil environment
  • Great Place for Birds and Nature Lovers
  • Tranquility is the word
  • A Gift for Birds Watchers
  • Beautiful place of nature



10 km West of Lijiang, Lijiang 674107, China

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Tips for you

  • There is a lack of toilet facilities in Lashi Lake.
  • If you take a bus to the lake on your own, you need to find horse ranches and some boats in the lake independently. There are over 20 ranches, so you need to bargain when making choice. (This method is not suggested, because it is too difficult to tell which one is best.)
  • For bird viewing, you need to rent a boat, holding five to six people and charging around CNY50 ($8.17). The center of the lake is the best place for you to watch the birds.
    Things to do
  • For hiring a car, you are advised to order directly from the owner of the hostel, or book with a reliable local tour agency. Their services usually include the car to the lake, horse riding and bird viewing tours. Booking with them directly will save money and avoid you being cheated.
  • Travelers who want to ride need to bring some clothes easy for riding. Put your personal things and valuables in a safe place. You must listen to the grooms’ orders. Please hold the rain tight to avoid falling off when the horse is running. Sunglasses and sun cream are necessary.
    What to bring
  • Admission is free, but if you go to the Lashi Lake Marsh Park, you have to pay CNY30 ($4.9)
    Ticket and Pricing


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Lashi Lake is an international wet land park. There is a Lamasary Temple at the foot of Mountain beside the lake, named Zhiyun (point clound). Lots of little Lama are come from Sichuan Tibetan, If we lucky enough we can listen the Tibetan scripture with them. Following the steps, it is a very big hall in front of your eyes, Inside there is a big Guru Padmasambhava status, which is with a height of 13 meters. The most significant is that they move the status here then built the hall later. After visiting the temple, you may smell the fragments of the China Rose along the lake; you may intoxicated by the strong flowery odor. You may find you're staying in the China Rose Filed, all kinds of species; different kinds of color will catch your eyes. Next is Tang Denasty Wagan Village, no explanation, let's back to 1000 years ago.

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