Lanna Woodcarving Art Museum

Attraction Ban Roi an Pan Yang Museum San Pa Tong District Chiang Mai Published on: 08-06-2016

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Lanna Woodcarving Art Museum is the exhibition center of antiques and woodcarving masterpieces which attracts a large number of visitors every year.

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Why Lanna Woodcarving Art Museum is special ?

A privately owned 4-stories museum and arts collection displaying wood carving in Chiangmai Province. This amazing and unbelievable place is located on the Chiangmai - Sanpatong highway between kilometers 19 and 20. The museum is a traditional Lanna - style house containing a large collection of valuable and very hard to find wood carvings from small  to large sizes which were made by local carvers.

This museum is the labor of love of a Thai man, Charoui Na Soonton, who has collected more than 1,000 wood carvings. The “museum” is actually his house, a warren-like maze of rooms filled with carvings in all styles, from giant elephants to intricate bas-relief carvings displaying an episode from the Ramakien (the Thai version of the Ramayana). 

What to explore at Lanna Woodcarving Art Museum?

There are Buddha statues, columns with traditional deities elephants, goddesses, demons and more. Some of the pieces on the wall are up to 20 feet long and may be up to 6 feet high.

The museum (house) is spread out between three or four floors; one of the staircases consists of old, wooden wagon wheels. The carvings extend out onto balconies and then into a garden at the back of the house. Expect to spend at least an hour wandering through the labyrinth.

In addition to collecting carvings, Charoui also commissions them from several carvers who are allowed to carve without specific deadlines. He has scoured the countryside for old wood for use in the carving.

There is also a store where you can buy beautiful carvings.

How to get to Lanna Woodcarving Art Museum?

By car: Drive along Chiangmai-Sanpatong highway to Km. 19-20

Selling points

  • Art and Craft Centres
  • Exhibition center of woodcarving masterpieces
  • Lanna art pieces
  • Potteries, woodcarving items and antiques
  • A nice place of arts
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Ban Roi an Pan Yang Museum San Pa Tong District Chiang Mai

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Tips for you

  • There is a requested donation
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  • You can buy handicraft products at the souvenir shop
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  • A thousand masterpieces, all on display and are available for anyone to see.
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  • Lanna Woodcarving Art Museum is also known as the Ban Roi An Phan Yang


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What an great place ever! How can I tell you our impression of Lanna Woodcarving Art Museum. We love art and handcraft products, so the museum was our first place to go. The exhibition center of woodcarving masterpieces interested us. All the display were the treasure of people’s talent and creativity. If you love art, don’t miss this place. Highly recommend!

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