Langkawi Sky Bridge

Attraction Telaga Harbour Park 07000 Langkawi Kedah, Malaysia Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Langkawi Sky Bridge is located at the ‘end’ of the Cable Car ride. One of the island’s highlights, it is a 410ft-long curved pedestrian bridge above Mount Mat Cinchang.

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Why Langkawi Sky Bridge is special ?

Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125 meters curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge, located at the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang mountain, on Pulau Langkawi, an island in the Langkawi archipelago in Kedah, Malaysia. Completed in 2004, this suspended bridge is located at the ‘end’ of a cable car ride which begins at the Oriental Village at the foot hill of the Machincang mountain range. The bridge is suspended from a 82 meter high single pylon and hangs at about 100 meter above ground. It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique spatial experience and spectacular views. The 1.8 meters wide bridge has two triangular platforms that act as ‘stops’ where you can admire the view and rest your feet.

Langkawi Sky Bridge ranks among the world’s strangest suspension bridge and constructing it was not an easy feat. The entire bridge, in all its elements had to be lifted to the top of the mountain by helicopter and was later assembled to its current position.


What to explore at Langkawi Sky Bridge?

If you have ever imagined walking on a footbridge which is hanging high up in the sky and soaking in the exhilarating views of mountains and the sea below, you can actually fulfill that dream in Langkawi. The sky bridge which is part of the master plan of Mount Mat Cincang Geo Park, has been designed and constructed to give you such experience which is otherwise impossible to attain. It is a curved suspended bridge made of steel that hangs at an altitude of about 700 meters from the sea level and supported by a single pylon in the middle.

The pylon which is a tall tower like structure, has a record breaking height of 82-meters from the point where it is grounded on a ridge and keeps the bridge suspended in an open space next to the peak of Mount Mat Cincang.


How to get to Langkawi Sky Bridge?

It's located at the north western side of Langkawi in Patai Kok area. You can take a taxi or a rental car to reach the cable car which operates from the Oriental Village.


Selling points

  • An engineering marvel
  • Thrilling ride and romantic view
  • A bridge over the heavens
  • Great Feeling on the Top
  • Art of Engineering
A Nice 4 Days Trip with Family to Langkawi

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Telaga Harbour Park 07000 Langkawi Kedah, Malaysia

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Tips for you

  • There are small cafe on the top as well,, you can enjoy coffee etc up there.
    Things to do
  • Near where you disembark, there are dozens of stalls selling souvenirs, toys, snacks and drinks.
  • Some of the walkways are challenging and you certainly require sensible footwear.
    What to wear
  • There can be a long queue at the cable car ticketing counter as well as at the gondola waiting area. The total waiting time can be well over an hour depending on the time and day of the week. So go early before the counter opens.
  • Check the weather before you spend money because the views are incredible.
  • To reach the bridge you will have to walk along a rather steep mountain track which is not very safe for children or the elderly.
  • Nearby there's a 3D painting exhibition, which is well worth the the visit.
    Things nearby
  • You have to walk both ways the treck takes about an hour on a rough track and its quite a steep climb
  • If it is cloudy around the bridge and the peak of Mt. Mat Cincang, you should see from the base (Oriental Village).
  • It has a magnificent ocean view from the top and if you are lucky enough you can see the charming view of the sunset at the sea from top of the dock.


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We are YoU + Me, my lovely Wife and I, had BEEN to there in year 2007 It is located At very very High Level after câble car. Thé Bridge is à bit vibrated when we are passing. Thé spectacular mountain scenries are very amazing, making You feel You are relatively very very Small when compared To what You See on thé Peak. We want to leave our réal and fair comments on tripadvisor for All our Travel footprints àround The World and hope our comments could help All The travellers plan their trip.

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Excellent view!!! But keep in mind you have to hike a bit to get there & hike back up to get to the main base. Rm5 per entry for adult, rm3 for kids. Closes at 5.30pm.

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