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Lamphun is a town in northern Thailand, capital of Lamphun Province. It covers the whole tambon Nai Mueang of Mueang Lamphun district.

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Why Lamphun is special ?

Lamphun was founded by Queen Chama Thevi as the capital of the Haripunchai Kingdom, the last and most northerly Mon kingdom in the area which now forms Thailand. Around 25 km south of Chiang Mai, it was constructed in the shape of a conch shell, following the Khuang River on its east side and divided by moats at the remaining points of the compass.

Lamphun is host to one of northern Thailand's most important temples, Wat Phra That Hariphunchai, featured on the reverse of the one-satang coin. The town is surrounded by lush countryside punctuated by rice fields and orchards of the popular fruit, longan, which is celebrated in a festival every August.


How to get to Lamphun?

Most people visit Lamphun from Chiang Mai. By train it takes about 30 minutes. The station is some 2km from the town center, but Song Thaews wait at the station.

Bus services run from Chang Puak Bus terminal in Chiang Mai, north of Chang Puak Gate, and a blue Song Thaew service runs from just south of Narawat bridge on the east side of the river. Price is 14 Baht and the journey takes around 30 minutes. Many people also hire cars or motorcycles from Chiang Mai.


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Lamphun Thailand

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