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Lakpahana is traditional gift shop across from the Colombo Racecourse. It's a bit cheaper than some of the alternatives if you dig and it still has that charming slightly crumbly.

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Why Lakpahana is special ?

Good for: handicraft, wood carvings, souverniers, Jewellery, Genuine handicrafts As with Laksala and Lanka Hands, this Cinnamon Gardens showroom carries traditionally crafted items, including lacework, jewellery, batik and masks, as well as tea.


What to explore at Lakpahana?

There's a few gifts which are classics. The painted elephants in various sizes, demon masks and secret boxes.

Masks, general range is Rs. 2,750 to 37,400 and up Masks, general range is Rs. 2,750 to 37,400 and up

If you get a foreign friend (or yourself) a demon mask, sarong and some elephants everyone is generally quite happy. The secret boxes are another favorite of mine.

These wooden boxes are shaped like books and, if you slide the spine up and back, open to reveal hidden compartments. None are an adequate size to hold Sri Lankan rupee notes unfolded, but they are fun for hiding stuff on a bookshelf.

Lakpahana also has a good range of sarongs (Rs. 1,500 up), mumus (1,925 up) and other batiky items. Sarees start at Rs. 4,500 and they also have pillow-cases for Rs. 900 and up. They also have some cheap items if you dig.

Oh, and they have a room with a decent collection of traditional silver jewelry. Pendants for around Rs. 2,000, necklaces for around 7,000 upwards, etc.


How to get to Lakpahana?

Most tuk-tuk drivers know the way. If they try to tell you the stores are closed and offer to take you elsewhere, get out and hail another tuk-tuk. They're trying to get you to go somewhere where they will get a kickback. On the meter a tuk-tuk from Galle Face is about 150 rupees. Offer them 300 (about $2.25) and they'll be thrilled. Once you're at one store you can walk to the others in under 10 minutes, or for the 300 rupees your driver will probably wait.


Selling points

  • Handicraft heaven
  • Great collection of Lankan handicrafts
  • Traditional and cultural craft work
  • Ideal for Sri Lankan Souvenirs
  • Quality Souevneirs
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14 Philip Gunewardena Mawatha Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka

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Tips for you

  • It's across from the newly refurbished Colombo Racecourse.
  • If you go into the courtyard of sorts (just ask where the food is) there's a selection of traditional sweetmeats, cashew nuts, lamprais, etc.
    What to buy
  • They have a fair selection of masks and a smallish jewellery display.
    What to buy
  • It has a good amount of parking and a lot of space.


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Its less expensive than Lakshala and offers a good variety of wooden masks, fabrics and other Sri Lankan souvenirs. I personally found Lakphana much better than the standard products and over priced artifacts that are available at Laksala stores. The building is big with several rooms -each having a specific type of artifact on display.

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