Lake of Sighs (Ho Than Tho)

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The Lake of Sighs, as its name suggests, is named after several sad tales of lovers. It was originally a natural lake but was enlarged by the French.

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Why Lake of Sighs (Ho Than Tho) is special ?

Than Tho Lake is associated with pathetic legends attracting the great number of tourists to Dalat. Among the unspoiled and majestic landscapes of dreaming Dalat, Than Tho Lake has long become one of the appealing tourist attraction in the romantic city.

Far about 6km from the city center to the northeast, Than Tho Lake is one of beautiful natural tourist attractions in Dalat. The lake is situated on a high hill surrounded by tranquil green pine trees creating the quiet peaceful feelings, which attracts numerous tourists who love to explore romantic natural landscapes and soak up the stunning scenery. Retaining an area not as large as Xuan Huong Lake, thanks to its location quite far from the city center, Than Tho Lake takes an advantages compared to other lakes in Dalat. It is home to ideal ecological terrain for tourists to participate in Dalat travel comfortably enjoying the fresh nature.

Than Tho Lake was formerly a swamp. The French dammed up Cam Ly stream and built a large reservoirs 8,5ha wide providing drinking water for Dalat city. Realizing that the area is desolate with the wind rustling through the leaves forming the sad melody, the French named it Lac des Soupirs. Soupir means the wind in the forest (les soupirs du vent dans les bois) and also the lament. This is also the origin of Than Tho Lake as today and becomes familiar with the citizens in Dalat. Discovering Than Tho Lake is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Dalat.


What to explore at Lake of Sighs (Ho Than Tho)?

This lake has such romantic connotations for the Vietnamese that you would think it was created by a fairy godmother rather than French dam work. Legend has it that a 15-year-old girl named Thuy drowned herself after her boyfriend of the same age, Tam, fell in love with another. Her gravestone still exists on the side of the lake, marked with the incense and flowers left by other similarly heartbroken souls, even though the name on the headstone reads "Thao," not "Thuy." The place is crammed with honeymooners in paddle boats and motorboats.


Selling points

  • There is a reason for its name
  • Walk around the lake
  • Amazing view from the top
  • Nice to walk around
  • Lovely lake at Dalat
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Tips for you

  • The great thing about this place is that you almost can hear the traditional vietnamese music playing in the background.
    Things to do
  • Paddle boats and motorboats take lovers out and away on the lake.


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We stopped here with our easy riders and walked along part of the bank, seeing the hire boats and the pedal swans. We were advised that there is good fishing and that the locals enjoy this. We could see a number of people fishing across the other side. it is another place for the young locals to ride to and sit with their friends in the evenings and there are some cafes along one section.

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