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Kyaukgu Umin or the "Rock cave tunnel" is located in the Nyaung U region. It's an interesting place because of the use it has made to the natural topographical features.

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Why Kyaukgu Umin is special ?

Kyauk Gu U Min is situated about two miles east of Nyaung U town. It is one of the four monuments in Bagan, mainly built of compressed earth blocks. Kyauk Gu U Min was built into the river bank of sand stone. In the lower section were skillfully laid stone bricks and the two stories above were built of earth bricks. A maze of about 500 feet long was dug into the sand stone wall, with many twists and turns, tunnels and cellars for meditation. Kyauk Gu U Min faces north around the inside of the front main hall are niches in which eight important events of the Buddha's life are sculpted.


What to explore at Kyaukgu Umin?

On the upper reaches of the wall are stone sculptures of ogres clutching floral garlands, below are triangle shaped floral designs, at the base of the arched entrance are figures of Gonban, Keinnara and Keinnari between the lotus flowers, lion, tiger, deer, hare, and deva god. The main pillars of the devotional hall have floral designs around at the base.

The large Buddha image in the main hall was hewn out of sand stone. On either side of it are relief figures of the Buddha's two disciples. On the ceiling are two Arahats in relief, each on either side of the Buddha image.

On both sides of the inner and outer walls of the vaulted corridor in the upper storey are several square niches, in which it was originally planned to paint scenes from 550 Jatakas. It seems that the work was left unfinished.

One remarkable feature in the architecture of this monument are light wells in the vaulted hall of the first storey. From the light wells in the roof of the second storey down to the light wells of the first storey light passes through to the hall when the sun reaches noon. On the top of the entrance hall on the northside stands a small zedi.


How to get to Kyaukgu Umin?

Located around three kilometers east of Nyaung U, Kyauk Gu U Min can be reached by various means of transport. Taxi and horse cart is available at Nyaung U Airport to take you there.

Selling points

  • Unique temple
  • The legend of historical characters
  • Beautiful sculpted Buddha images
  • Frescoes of Bagan Period
  • Well preserved temple
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Nyaung-U Myanmar (Burma)

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Tips for you

  • You can drop by Kyauk Gu U Min Temple for a sunset contemplation. Enjoy the moment when the late sunlight cherishing the antiquated delight.
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Kyauk Gu U Min has great architectural design. we had a chance to study more about old Bagan style and history. the stone sculptures was really unique and impressive. Have a nice afternoon here to breath the great air and enjoy amazing Bagan temple is our unforgettable memories. If you have time, should visit it!

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