Kingdom Breweries

Attraction 1748 National Road 5, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Because a beer is meant to be savored when it’s fresh, Kingdom welcomes all beer enthusiasts, curious palettes and thirsty tourists to our home on the banks of Phnom Penh’s Tonle Sap River.

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Why Kingdom Breweries is special ?

Because a beer is meant to be savored when it’s fresh, Kingdom welcomes all beer enthusiasts, curious palettes and thirsty tourists to our home on the banks of Phnom Penh’s Tonle Sap River. Here, the marriage of craft and passion weaves the exotic flavors and aromas of our remarkably tasty, premium beers. Drop in for a guided tour of Kingdom’s state-of-the-art brewing facilities, a chat with our Master Brewer, or simply kick back with a cold mug delivered straight from the tap. As you soak in the lazy rhythms of the Cambodian riverside with the scent of hops at your nostrils, you’ll realize Kingdom never tasted so good. There are plenty of ways to get to the brewery: Hop on the Kingdom Beer Bus, Hail a Special Kingdom Tuk Tuk (they’re all over town and the ride is free!), Grab an everyday tuk tuk, moto, or taxi and join us for a drink.

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1748 National Road 5, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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We came here expecting to learn more about how beer was made but were charged USD6 for 2 mugs of dark lager and a rather short explanation of the beer making process. We were shown the large steel containers and bottling equipments but were not too impressed. The beer tasted just like the one you have in any pub or restaurant so I must say they should do better.

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I never thought that I'd find a place like this in Phnom Penh! The tap room looks like something straight out of a movie and Mike's burgers are simply awesome. Having just recently relocated to PP, I also had the chance to meet other expats as well as travelers. The fact that it is located 5 minutes away from the riverside just means that there are no creepy sex tourists...Case in point: this is definitely the place to be for good company and a great beer!!

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Having recently relocated to Phnom Penh, I soon realized that the various domestic beers on offer were largely tasteless and forgettable. Saddened by the endless searching for a quality brew, I settled on shelling out for expensive, imported beers -- until a friend mentioned Kingdom. I bought their three different beers from a supermarket and was thoroughly impressed.A few weeks later, some fellow expats mentioned that Kingdom has a taproom with an all-you-can-eat-and-drink special on the first Friday of every month. We went, had a blast, and consumed enough Mike's Burgers and dark lager to make any sensible cardiologist shudder. The tour of the brewery (led by a Bavarian brewmaster who must have been put on this earth to develop ales) was very informative, but with a belly full of beer and beef, I wandered back upstairs to the leather sofas in the taproom to digest.The taproom has a swanky wooden bar and comfy chairs. The decor is top-notch, with all sorts of unusual posters and retro wall art. I also enjoyed the outdoor balcony, which provides a nice view of the river below. We went back another time, and the view at sunset was superb.The distance from Riverside wasn't as far as I expected (especially if you've got some beers stashed in the tuk-tuk!) Some might say the area surrounding the brewery is a bit industrial and scruffy, but lies in the hands of the beer holder!

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Headed over to Kingdom Breweries a couple weeks back for their TGIF night. Had a great tour of the brewery and got an insight into all the work involved in the manufacturing process. Nice relaxed atmosphere and the guys were more than happy to answer questions. Afterwards, headed up to their bar, and sat out on their balcony. They've got a great view of the river and and was it just nice to chill out over a few beers and watch all the boats pass up and down. All in all, a nice way to kick-off the weekend and check out a place thats off the main tourist trail in PP.

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