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Khao Lak, located just an hour’s drive north of Phuket Island on the gorgeous Andaman seaboard, is one of Thailand's most peaceful resort destinations.

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Why Khao Lak is special ?

Khao Lak, located just an hour’s drive north of Phuket Island on the gorgeous Andaman seaboard, is one of Thailand's most peaceful resort destinations. No less than three national parks are embraced by the surrounding hills that sweep down to this lovely stretch of coastline with beaches that go on for miles.
Only 80km from Phuket, Khao Lak offers a rare oasis for relaxation, with a superb combination of cool tropical forest, lovely beachfront accommodation and expansive white sand beaches. And those beaches are more beautiful than ever. Khao Lak has many newly built and refurbished resorts providing a quantity and quality of accommodation never before seen in this area.

What to explore at Khao Lak?

Driving north from Phuket, at km803 you will see a sign for Ban Khao Lak, a small village of little interest. Then, after climbing over Lak Mountain on a curvy road, you will descend into Bang La On, de facto heart of the Khao Lak region. 

Khao Lak is laid out like a long strip mall. Early settlement patterns resulted in three population centres spaced out along the beaches. Since the 2004 tsunami, development in low-lying areas has tended to gravitate away from the beach, nearer to the highway. 

The region hosts many resorts, scattered chiefly among three main urban areas, all containing businesses identifying themselves as "Khao Lak". This can be confusing to visitors and it is useful to distinguish between the settlements. 

Selling points

  • A Place to be at
  • Good place to explore the beauty nature of Phuket
  • A must do when you are in Phuket
  • One of the best service with good price
  • Ad on your thing to see and do in Phuket
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Lam Kaen, Phang-nga 82210, Thái Lan ‎

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Tips for you

  • There are offer so many water sport , do not miss
  • There are have lot of Thai restaurant but quite expensive
  • In the low season ( from April to November) this place quite boring, so if you like private space, you can go in this time
  • Khao Lak have do many thing to do and see. This is not place if you are planning for short time.
  • Do not come here on rainy day
  • This is an excellent vacation spot for people seeking to get off the treadmill, for family getaways, and for nature-lovers.
  • If exotic nightlife and its associated attractions are the reason you’ve come to Thailand, Khao Lak is probably not the place for you.
  • Internet is widely available and banks and ATMs are everywhere
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